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KIndly share your links about Net neutrality , Differential pricing , Freebasics and other related stuff..


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What exactly is net neutrality?
Net neutrality means Internet that allows everyone to communicate freely. It means a service provider should allow access to all content and applications regardless of the source and no websites or pages should be blocked, as long as they aren’t illegal. It’s like a fixed-telephone line, which is equal to all, and no one gets to decide who you call or what you speak. Another aspect of net neutrality is level playing field on the internet. This means, all websites can co-exist without hampering others. All websites are accessible at the same speed and no particular website of application is favoured. For instance – like electricity, common for all. Net neutrality also means all web sites and content creators are treated equal, and you don’t have to pay extra for faster Internet speed to a particular site/service.

:::::::::::::::::Some important links before you start :::::::::::::::::::::::::
What is net neutrality and why it is important in India – Tech2 –

A complete guide to how freebasics / started, the problems with it and the events leading upto the consultation paper released by TRAI in Dec 2015:
⚓⚑:::By Indian Pirates:::⚓⚑

Are Telecom Operators losing money because of the Internet? - Google Slides

November 12, 2014-- Net Neutrality in India: That’s what telcos said - MediaNama

Apr 03, 2015-- Double standards: Facebook and Google are happy to support net neutrality in US but violate it in India

April 7, 2015-- The Airtel Zero idea: Splitting India’s Internet into many Internets - MediaNama

Apr 15, 2015-- Cleartrip is standing up for #NetNeutrality

April 14 , 2015-- Net neutrality debate: Airtel Zero set to make internet a luxury for Indians – Tech2

Apr 21, 2015-- The war over Zero Rating: All you need to know about the new battlefield of net neutrality - timesofindia-economictimes

April 21, 2015--Timeline: Airtel Zero to, what fuelled the ongoing Net Neutrality debate in India – Tech2

April 24, 2015 --When Chennai took a stand for net neutrality - The Hindu

Apr 27, 2015-- Who needs or Airtel Zero? There are better ways to bridge the digital divide

May 5 , 2015-- Mozilla View on Zero-Rating | Open Policy & Advocacy

May 18, 2015-- 65 groups from 31 countries speak out against Zuckerberg’s fake Internet project | OpenMedia

Aug 20, 2015
Google covertly lobbied against net neutrality in India / Boing Boing

August 31, 2015 --A lucky accident: Net neutrality changed the world for the better, let’s keep it that way - TOI Blogs

Oct 07, 2015-- Father of internet wants you to ‘say no’ to Facebook’s Free Basics | tech$top | Hindustan Times

October 29 , 2015-- STI Statement on Mark Zuckerberg’s townhall at IIT Delhi

Nov 22, 2015-- Taking Free Basics in Kenya for a spin. — Hacks/Hackers Africa — Medium

Dec 1, 2015-- Free Facebook Reliance Rally JK Circle - YouTube

Dec 17, 2015-- Facebook is selling old wine ( in a new bottle (Free Basics), users be aware - Times of India

Dec.17, 2015 --Even SUndar Pichai doesnt deny the idea of generating revenue out of Googles plan of providing Free wifi at Indian railway stations:

Dec. 17, 2015-- Net neutrality debate worldwide :
Rekindling Net Neutrality: Our meeting with EU telecoms regulators - Access Now

December 18, 2015-- Facebook forcing users to support Net Neutrality violation by supporting Free Basic Internet » TechWorm

Dec 21, 2015 --If you’ve been misprepresented by Facebook

Dec. 22, 2015-- The dangers of a rogue social network — Medium

Dec. 22, 2015-- Facebook asks US, UK users to support Free Basics in India

Dec. 27, 2015 --Unfree basics | The Indian Express

December 28, 2015-- Mark Zuckerberg can’t believe India isn’t grateful for Facebook’s free internet - Quartz

December 30, 2015-- Nothing free or basic about it :

Dec 30, 2015-- Full text: Facebook’s Free Basics will limit internet freedom, say 50 faculty of IITs and IISc

December 30, 2015-- Differential pricing violates net neutrality: IAMAI: The Hindu - Mobile edition

December 30, 2015-- Unzipping The Controversial Facebook’s Free Basics Indian Campaign; Rise of The Resistance - Inc42 Magazine

December 30, 2015-- IAMAI against platforms like Free Basics, differential data - The Economic Times on Mobile

January 1, 2016-- Consultation paper is not an opinion poll: TRAI chairman: The Hindu - Mobile edition

Jan 3, 2016-- ‘Imagine a private company deciding what your kids can read or watch’ - The Times of India on Mobile

January 7, 2016-- Who is Facebook to ‘approve’ services when it has no role in user-website-network transactions? - ET Blogs

Jan 09 2016-- Facebook spends around Rs300 crore on Free Basics ad campaign in India - Livemint

Jan 10, 2016-- Will take structured view on net neutrality: Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad - The Economic Times on Mobile

Jan 12, 2016-- Trai, Facebook fight over user response to consultation paper on differential pricing | ETtech

January 12, 2016-- Net Neutrality vs Free Basics: Facebook says it supports differential data pricing | The Indian Express

Jan 13, 2016--Facebooks email to TRAI 13 jAN 2016:

January 13, 2016-- Why Indians are turning down Facebook’s free internet - by CIS

Jan 14, 2015-- Free Basics and the Internet’s Political Battles

Jan 14, 2016-- PMO wades into differential pricing debate | ETtech

January 14, 2016-- What Free Basics did not intend to do - Parminder Jeet Singh

­Jan 14, 2016-- WORLD BANK opposes Facebook’s Free Basics | tech$top | Hindustan Tim

Jan 15, 2016-- What Facebook’s Spat with TRAI Tells Us About the Ethics of Digital Lobbying | The Wire

January 15, 2016-- MP calls for clear Net Neutrality laws and more powers for TRAI to enforce them | The Indian Express

Jan 18, 2016--TRAI’s reply to facebook 18 Jan 2016:

January 20, 2016-- fREEBASICS IN zAMBIA

Jan 20, 2016 --Brilliant article by Rohin Dharmakumar on what if diff pricing was allowed –
“Dangerous Ramifications” — Medium

Jan 21, 2016 –
Follow TRAIS’ open house discussion on 21 Jan 2016 here:

Jan 24, 2016 --Wikimedia distances itself from Freebasics :
Wikimedia and zero rating: clear principles for free knowledge

Jan 25,2016--
Net neutrality: Why ISPs should not have the the power to discriminate

Jan 25, 2016 --Over 1200 startups / entrepreneurs mail PM Modi asking for net neutrality.
If you are one, you can mail too.. See link below

A BRILLIANT find: GOOGLE batted for net neutrality 12 years ago!



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17 may 2016:
Here we go again....

Lift ban on differential pricing: Telcos ask TRAI

MAY 18 2016:
COAI asks TRAI to scrap its Net Neutrality regulation; Full text of letter
(The last line of the letter says it all)

May 18 2016:
Trai to hold pre-consultation session on net neutrality within 3 days!

May 19 2016:
TRAI floats paper on Net Neutrality, raises questions on ‘Free Data’ - (includes CP link)

May 19:
Medinamas take on the new CP released by TRAI.


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TRAI has released a new #NetNeutrality consultation. Here's an FAQ on Net Neutrality and why another consultation has come out. /1
Heres a recap on net neutrality and why its in the news again..


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<<>>: (65 pages)

The team behind have released a 8 page summary of the same so that its easy for us to understand: