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We share quite a lot of links here on loomio and our xmpp conference but often find ourselves looking for it later on. Its either missing or too hard to find. So why not do it in an organized manner so that its easy for any of us to find all the info on any particular topic at any given time.

The idea is to put down links of any topic which we would otherwise share on loomio or our xmpp conference so that its easy for anyone to find it at a later date.

Hers how:
>Anyone can create a thread and give a brief description.
> And others could then put down links related to the topic in discussion in the comments section.

If we have enough info , we could then arrange it in a chronological order and even put it up on our website or say a storify account for Indian pirates. That way even if one wasnt following a topic , he/she could get a brief idea by simply glancing through the timeline. And if it looks good enough , we could share it with others for the general public to view too.

Think of it as our own personal library with all the links at once place in an organized manner-- but only bigger and better as this would be a collective effort.

For more info kindly refer to the original thread :