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Organizing shared info on our website..

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I have an idea--

We share so many links here and on our piratesin xmpp conference on various topics.. Some link or the other is put up everyday and we share quite a bit of information amongst ourselves..
Right now I've got more than 200 bookmarks on my browser and over a hundred articles saved as pdf files on my computer.. I'm sure a lot of you might have bookmarked the ones you are interested in too..

Why dont we do this in an organized manner which could benefit everyone?

And heres how :
We already maintain .. In the website, why dont we make a list of the various topics we talk/share about everyday and under those various topics if we could post all the related links we have on it (along with a headline, preferably hyperlink the headline ) so it's easier for us to refer to a particular topic on a later date? ..

For example – if the topic is "Differential pricing ".. We could paste various links starting from how it all started to airtel zero rating to and TRAI'S take on it initially
.. then moving on to modis visit to Facebook headquarters and then to FreeBasics and currently whats going on.. We paste links with headlines (hyperlink it)..
And since it's on a website, any of us could simply click on any topic and see its entire history..
More like a timeline for us with detailed information at any given time!
It could be like our own personal library!.. Only more useful and convenient!

And if it looks good enough we could even share the websites link to others so the general public can find all the info at one place organized properly..

This would keep our website up to date too and more useful to us and everyone else ..

What say? .. Do let me know if anyone's interested.

Since Im from a non tech background I have no idea how to upload / hyperlink or do any of the above mentioned so we might need a volunteer or two ..

If agreed , we could collect all the links and keep updating it on our website every now and then..


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Vidyut Wed 20 Jan 2016 10:54PM

Curating links isn't copying, it is referencing. Even if there is a small excerpt included. Then it is quoting.

Copying would be if you copy-pasted entire articles onto the site - which doesn't sound like the plan. Even then a lot of sites don't care as long as you link to the original. Good idea to check the copyright policy. Some sites are even creative commons ;)

We are pirates people, we can't prostrate before IP before it even threatens us :p

Hope that helps.


Vidyut Wed 20 Jan 2016 10:58PM

That said, any non-funded content creation initiative is a breeze to start and breaks your back to survive a week, let alone further. I'd suggest posting links to loomio regularly for a week and then seeing if you can sustain enough to become a resource. if you can, it is always easy to copy paste from loomio and continue on the site.


Vidyut Wed 20 Jan 2016 11:04PM

In my view, a resource of links is not worth creating unless it is a really comprehensive one on something really specific. For general links on a subject, Google does it better with a few hundred thousand results even for specific queries. On the other hand, if it were specific - for example "How to set up a dead secure laptop from scratch" and links included everything a person would need to know to be able to do it, including common pitfalls and cautions..... that would be a resource. The human collection has to add some value that a simple search would not achieve. Therefore, random links we socially share, in my view, wouldn't make the mark. Just following Pranesh Prakash, Doctorow and Falkvinge on Twitter would get more than that. Why would anyone monitor yet another site for it?


[deactivated account] Thu 21 Jan 2016 3:57AM

@vidyut hey thanks a lot! ..
Well, that's what I'm doing right now.. I'm finally active on Twitter and it's quite useful.. But to go and find a link(s) someone posted earlier is a real pain on Twitter, so I bookmark it as and when I find it.. Also topics like FreeBasics where something or the other is happening every other day requires proper monitoring which might not really be possible by all..
I realised this while trying to write a simple article with @fayadfami on medium about FreeBasics.. We already had so much info about the issue yet not the complete picture.. And we did try Google too but it took hours to find what we were looking for cuz what Google does is return the latest and the most popular results and to get the complete picture about a topic it could take me a quite sometime.. For example if I Google "FreeBasics " or "FreeBasics problem india" right now most of the links which it returns are from news agencies like Indian express, fb itself and a few others.. Most of which have been written in the last 3 doesn't really tell me how it all.started and why its happening whatever is happening right now.. Those two to three line history about the topic in discussion which authors usually write at the bottom of an article is not that effective cuz then I have to Google that again to find out more.. Plus, those really insightful articles by medianama or other independent journalists who you'd trust are hard to find.. A collection of links by all.of us together at one place could prove quite useful


[deactivated account] Thu 21 Jan 2016 4:00AM

And to be honest we aren't journalists and not everyone is interested in every topic.. For instance it took me a while before I got interested about the whole methane gas/cowspiracy thing.People were talking.about if on loomio and on the xmpp.conference.. I found myself looking for links posted earlier In the conference by vik n others..
Also, we all lose interest after a point.. For example, the same as above.. When I finally wanted to know more about the methane gas from cattle adding up to global.warming I could only find a few links here on loomio.. Whereas there were quite a few links shared on the xmpp.conference which I simply could not find.. As a result I just Lost interest in it all together..


[deactivated account] Thu 21 Jan 2016 4:01AM

And this does happen.. We often find ourselves asking each other on the conference about a link someone posted a few days back.. Maintaining it somewhere In an organized manner makes it easier to find and if it's online it's even more convenient for the rest of us. It doesn't HAVE to be our website.. My initial proposal on xmpp conference was to simply put it somewhere in a site with its primary reason being to be able to find it all under one place at any given time by any of us ..and if it looked better we could share the link with others.. But someone suggested using our own website so I thought why not ask for everyone's views on up on our website..


[deactivated account] Thu 21 Jan 2016 4:02AM

Having said all of the above, like u said I feel its a nice idea to try it on loomio or elsewhere before we put it up on our website to see if it's actually worth it or.useful at all..
But dumping loads of link on loomio wouldn't be possible cuz it'll simply look.clustered.. Maybe a Google Doc which we all edit or something similar..


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Mannnn! It's so hard to type more than a few lines on mobile!!!


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By the way, If we do decide to give it a try I'd like you to share about links about “How to set up a dead secure laptop from scratch”.. Sounds quite interesting and useful.. I'm so.sure u have a lot of info on it :D

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