Wed 27 Nov 2019 10:36AM

Starting a Mastodon Instance.

KVM Kannan V M Public Seen by 153

With present surge in mastodon userbase in India, it would be necessary to host a Mastodon instance. Mastodon is a widely used free software federated microblogging software. Because of non transparent, non democratic practices of twitter platform, there was mass migration of twitter India userbase to mastodon.

As mastodon already has a large userbase and also as it has active political discussions, there would is a need for a carefully designed policy and enough moderators to tackle hate speech issues.

It is preferable to have a non Indian community member as the maintainer of the mastodon service.

Further discussions on Mastodon instance can go here.


Akhil Fri 29 Nov 2019 9:19AM

We have mentioned FSCI association in a public group already. Later when the service starts and if we stick the FSCI branding in the forefront and announce it through our regular channels, I don't think there will be any difference if the maintainer is non Indian.

They will come after FSCI and the admins of FSCI ( most if not all do not use anonym handles ) can be prosecuted for any content there which govt. or other entities may find "offensive". The content which will not fail our moderation policy can be deemed "offensive" since it may not be in their interests to let other ideas like even rational thinking to spread. Part of the problem is political and it can only be solved by policy change. Also the chance of prosecution is higher since reach of Mastodon is very high compared to other federated free software social media alternatives.

My thought and vote is to seek advice from digital social activists who already face these issues and legal counsel first and later decide on how to run it. Also instead of a public loomio discussion, I would like it to be more private at first. ( at least around the ways to run it )