Wed 13 Jan 2021 6:06PM

Statement on gender and sexual diversity

PB Pirate Bady Public Seen by 29

Indian Pirates should declare a stance on the wide topics under gender and sexual diversity, regarding what all Indian Pirates support and what all Indian Pirates discourage along with necessary explanation, in the light of controversies that appeared in both codema and the matrix room surrounding the promotion of inclusive language in the proposal to adopt a Code of Conduct & Moderation Policy.


Pirate Vik Thu 14 Jan 2021 3:57PM

Do you have a suggestion for what that stance could be?


Pirate Bady Thu 14 Jan 2021 7:48PM

yes, i do, it's just that i need some time to compile stuff. my plan was to create a draft pad and share link here. here's a brief overview (of course it isn't complete and need inputs):

  • recognize and support the view of gender spectrum rather than binary.

  • acknowledge discrimination and oppression of gender and sexual minorities.

  • support affirmative action and be welcoming towards gender and sexual minorities.

  • discourage framing gender dysphoria and/or homosexuality as an illness/disorder which needs treatment to prevent them from expressing desired gender and/or sexual identity.

  • discourage framing all gender and sexual minorities as pedophiles and criminals.


Akshay Fri 15 Jan 2021 3:15AM

Nice points.

When writing about illness/disorder, we have to separate "gender dysphoria" and recognize it as the distress of a person due to their gender identity - which benefits from help of a mental health professional - ie, is a mental illness. I'll help draft this when you transfer to pad.


Akshay Thu 14 Jan 2021 4:16PM

There is a resource on diversity (in the Indian context) here which was compiled by my colleague. It might be helpful for those looking for understanding basic nomenclature. I'm putting it here so that people who haven't thought about this can start thinking about it.