Write a blog post on bridging all the rooms- matrix, xmpp, telegram, IRC

RD Ravi Dwivedi Public Seen by 58

Recently, I helped LibreOffice India to bridge all the rooms on Matrix, XMPP, Telegram, IRC and I would like to document the method and steps that worked for me.

Step 1: Create a public non-encrypted matrix room.

Step 2: Create a public telegram channel.

Step 3: Use t2bot to bridge matrix with telegram

Step 4: Create an IRC channel (in our case, it was created on

Step 5: join the IRC channel and OP yourself (

Step 6: In the matrix room, go to widgets section and in the integrations section -> IRC -> fill liberachat and other details of the IRC channel.

Step 7: Accept the request on IRC side (an OP can do that)

Step 8: Use to join from xmpp side.

Last date to comment: 21-March-2022


Arya K Fri 18 Mar 2022 5:44PM matterbridge is an interesting project that helps with this but you need to self hosted iirc


Life is Tetris Mon 2 May 2022 7:26PM

Are either of these methods automatable in a self-hosted scenario? The libreserver project has such bridging on its todo list.