Sun 29 Mar 2015 9:35AM

Let's fight for Net Neutrality before it becomes necessary. E-Mail the TRAI now.

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So, the first thing you can do is to e-mail th TRAI on their comments email, which is : You probably shouldn't copypasta someone else's email on this as it will lead to them beleiving that a few people are spamming their inbox. Some tooltips on what to write would be:

Some tooltips on what to write would be:

Refer to the recent Net Neutrality agitation, and the subsequent FCC ruling,
Talk about how loss of revenue to Telecos should not be the bar to progress,
Talk about how Net Neutrality laws have already been enacted in The Netherlands after a similar agitation there,
If you want to, talk about how rulings in favour of allowing said regulation are anti-development, and not what you expect from the Government.

What else can I do?

You can tweet the issue out and raise publicity. Since this ruling affects widely used services such as WhatsApp and Skype, more people should be willing to listen.

Dude all this takes too long.

Well, yeah, you can either take 5 minutes now or bitch endlessly later. It's your choice.


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by Akshay Tue 25 Apr 2017 5:22AM

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We should support the Net Neutrality campaign by adding a banner t our site and linking to


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Pirate Praveen
Tue 7 Apr 2015 6:28PM

this will show we are in this fight.


Tue 7 Apr 2015 6:30PM

as soon as is improved.


Tue 7 Apr 2015 7:03PM

haan ji. bahut superb.


Pirate Praveen Sun 29 Mar 2015 9:45AM

I just emailed them, we should campaign and send maximum comments.


Akshay Sun 29 Mar 2015 12:08PM

On page 40 of that document there are some questions seeking comments. Probably there are more such pages. I guess if we are sending email, we should be answering those questions too.


Akshay Sun 29 Mar 2015 12:20PM

Chapter 7 Issues for Consultation

Question 1 : I s it too early to establish a regulatory framework for OTT services , since internet penetration is still evolving , access speeds are generally low and there is limited coverage of high speed broadband in the country? Or, should some beginning be made now with a regulatory framework that could be adapted to changes in the future? Ple ase comment with justifications.

Question 2 : Should the OTT players offering communicat ion services ( voice, messaging and video call services ) through applications ( resid ent either in the country or outside ) be brought under the licensing regime? Please comment with justifications.

Question 3 : Is the growth of OTT impacting the traditional revenue stream of TSPs? If so, is the increase in data revenues of the TSPs sufficient to compensate for this impact ? Please comment with reason s

Question 4 : S hould the OTT players pay for use of the TSPs network over and above data charges paid by consu mers ? If yes, w hat pricing options can be adopted? Could such option s include prices based on bandwidth consumption? Can prices be used as a means of product/service differentiation? Please comment with justifications.

Question 5: Do you agree that imbala nce s exist in the regulatory environment in the operation of OTT players? If so , what should be the framework to address these issues? How can the prevailing laws and regulations be applied to OTT players (who operate in the virtual world) and compliance e nforced? What could be the impact on the economy? Please comment with justifications.

Question 6 : How should the security concerns be addressed with regard to OTT player s providing communication services ? W hat security conditions such as maintaining data records, logs etc. need to be mandated for such OTT players? And, how can compliance with these conditions be ensured i f the application s of such OTT players reside outside the country? Please comment with justifications.

Question 7: How should the OTT pl ayers offering app services ensure security , safety and privacy of the consumer? How should they ensure protection of consumer interest? Please comment with justifications.

Question 8: In what manner can the proposals for a regulatory framework for OTTs i n India draw from those of ETNO , referred to in para 4.23 or the best practices summarised in para 4. 2 9 ? And, what practices should be proscribed by regulatory fiat ? Please comment with justifications.

Question 9: What are your views on net neutrality in the Indian context? How should the various principles discussed in para 5.47 be dealt with? Please comment with justifications.

Question 10: What forms of discrimination or traffic management practices are reasonable and consistent with a pragmatic appr oach ? What should or can be permitted? Please comment with justifications

Question 11: Should the TSPs be mandated to publish various traffic management techniques used for different OTT applications ? Is this a sufficient condition to ensure transparen cy and a fair regulatory regime?

Question 12: How should the conducive and balanced environment be created s uch that TSPs are able to invest in network infrastructure and CAPs are able to innovate and grow? Who should bear the network upgradation costs? P lease comment with justifications.

Question 13 : Should TSPs be allowed to implement non

price based discrimination of services? If so, under what circumstances are such practices acceptable? What restrictions, if any, need to be placed so that such measu res are not abused? What measures should be adopted to ensure transparency to consumers ? Please comment with justifications.

Question 14 : Is there a justification for allowing differential pricing for data access and OTT communication services? If so, wha t changes need to be brought about in the present tariff and regulatory framework for telecommunication services in the country? Please comment with justifications.

Question 15 : Should OTT communication service players be treated as Bulk User of Telecom S ervices (BuTS)? H ow should the framework be structured to prevent any discrimination and protect stakeholder interest? Please comment with justification.

Question 16 : What framework should be adopted t o encourage India
specific OTT apps? Please comment wi th justifications.

Question 17 : If the OTT communication service players are to be licensed, should they be categorised as ASP or CSP? If so, what should be the framework? Please comment with justifications.

Question 18 : Is there a need to regulate subs cription charges for OTT communication services ? Please comment with justifications.

Question 19 : What steps should be taken by the Government for regulation of non communication OTT players? Please comment with justifications.

Question 20: Are there any other issues that have a bearing on the subject discussed?


Pirate Praveen Sun 29 Mar 2015 1:35PM

@akshay I answered those questions as well. I stressed on federated open standards to ensure competition and interoperability. This will ensure quality service via competition and chance for Indian players to enter the game.


Akshay Sun 29 Mar 2015 1:37PM

I mentioned that users should be able to export their data. That's the only thing I said against OTTs :P Everything else was against TSPs :D

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