Tue 19 Apr 2016 4:39PM

Facebook Page?

AJ Akhilesh Jamdar Public Seen by 663

Well, since we are using nonfree services like twitter and youtube, why not have a facebook page as well? :)


[deactivated account] Tue 19 Apr 2016 5:06PM

Yeah sure.. I guess most of us hate Facebook thats why noones ever brought it up :p


Akhilesh Jamdar Tue 19 Apr 2016 5:09PM

Well, I dislike facebook and twitter as well. But we need a means to send our message accross. Has anyone here ever tried contacting All India Bakchod? I think they would be happy to do some of our bidding.


Karthikeyan A K Tue 19 Apr 2016 6:12PM

Yup, a facebook page will be good. It will extend our reach. In fact we must have presence in every social network no matter how evil it may be.


[deactivated account] Tue 19 Apr 2016 8:09PM

Do keep in mind that on Facebook pages, only about 10%(approx) of your followers will get to see your msg.. You need to pay in order to reach out to all of your followers
Also, created a thread for posters on loomio and uploaded a few items I made.. Might not be great but..


Pirate Bady Tue 19 Apr 2016 8:29PM

@arjun okay. but it's not just about the reach, consider the social media tactics of impressing people with the number of followers and all. the more the number of followers, the more the people will think we're serious. i consider such tactics as necessary for the initial propagation our ideas. and once we gather enough followers, people will start listening to us seriously.


Julian Dumitrascu Tue 19 Apr 2016 10:24PM

Should we talk about the communication plan, so that we become more aware of which means help us more?


vishnu m Sat 30 Apr 2016 3:53PM

We had a page for "Pirate movement of India" which has been renamed to "INDIAN PIRATES".


Pirate Bady Sun 8 May 2016 4:54PM

from now onwards we can use the shortened url for our page:


Pirate Bady Sun 8 May 2016 5:19PM

our facebook page received a message from someone questioning our presence on fb. according to the message our presence on fb is double standard. it's true that that we are against some policies, especially privacy policies, of fb. then how can we justify our presence on fb?

@praveen gave me the following reply for the message we received on fb:
"We stand for privacy and run a diaspora pod at We don't use facebook as our primary medium. We use as our primary communication platform. You can follow us on diaspora if you don't like facebook at If you still feel this is not enough, you can propose we stop using facebook on our loomio group. We are a democratic group and we can't force our personal choices on everyone. We have members who use facebook and they volunteered to maintain this page. If you can convince all of them, we can still change it."

but personally i think this reply isn't enough. as a person who supports fb page of Indian Pirates, what do you have to say? @akhileshjamdar @karthikeyanak


Karthikeyan A K Thu 12 May 2016 2:11PM

@ambadyanands okay, understood. Its better not to have facebook page then.

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