Blog post on how bifrost bridge MAM support was added and power of free software

RD Ravi Dwivedi Public Seen by 110

Purpose: There was a bug in a free software which affected our community communications. The developers did not see fixing it as a priority and since it is a free software, we can independently fix it. Write a blog post on the same and emphasize the importance of free software and the freedom it gives.

Bifrost bridge allows interoperability between matrix and XMPP public groups. Posting messages on either XMPP or matrix allows the other side to view the messages. This interoperability is good for user freedom because they can participate in discussions with only a matrix or a xmpp account, whatever they prefer.

The bridge had a bug that XMPP users missed messages in the group which were posted from Matrix side when XMPP users were offline.

Maranda fixed that at last