Sat 9 Nov 2019 7:29AM

Statement on the Babri Masjid judgement today

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We could just collect good responses from people and echo it (with links) and add our own perspective.

"Listen. Don't despair. We knew this was coming.
This was a purely political judgment made by those in power. It does not change the truth. Truth is eternal and truth always wins.
Whatever has happened, has happened. We know we are right
Let's not be defeated or lose hope because if we do, we are giving them exactly what they want.
Democratic ideals may have taken a beating today but we'll rise again, provided we work towards doing so."

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Pirate Praveen Sat 9 Nov 2019 7:31AM

Another one

"Even though I expected this, my heart breaks. Also the amount of money that will now go into the construction of an ostentatious Temple. Just so tired of tax-payer's money being spent on statues, and temples, rather than malnutrition, stabilisation of economy, and climate control."


michael john sinclair. Sat 9 Nov 2019 8:18AM

In a thousand years some one wil view the ruins of the Temple and there still will be poor people with Hunger. Ideology without fact based evidence something i dispise.


Milind Singh Sat 9 Nov 2019 8:51AM

It was issue filed in court and got a judgement, what other judgement you expect than the one actually there?


Pirate Praveen Sat 9 Nov 2019 9:29AM

@milindsingh a judgement does not mean it is right or just even if it is the highest court. I hoped for justice, though I knew it won't happen with the current state of our country.

I'd like to quote another comment here

"what IF masjid was not demolished ..based on today's judgement would SC have asked govt to demolish it to build the mandir ..."

"what if people start destroying mosques that were built on previous hindu structures, does that then become legal based on today’s judgment? Does that mean destruction of some of our iconic monuments is completely legal?"

"The main beneficiaries of the Supreme Court's verdict on Saturday are organically linked to the main accused in the crime of demolishing the mosque. And that's not good for India."


Milind Singh Sat 9 Nov 2019 1:56PM

The answer to your what if, is again a what if the mughals and other Muslim invaders didn't destroyed the 1000s of temples and killed the millions in the name of religion ( which is still going on) have not happened, and there was not need at all for any conflict.
I dont take sides, but a lot of injustice is dobe in this country and the people in majority are none the less victims of there own kind.

If it was an Islamic nation people so called liberals speak nonsense for there own good would have been hanged.


Pirate Praveen Sat 9 Nov 2019 3:34PM

What you are saying is explicitly rejected even by this judgement


Pirate Vik Sat 9 Nov 2019 10:21AM

I say don't bother to expend further energy, its a divisive distraction used by two sides to extend their ideological arguments of the building that they both say god wants. Expend the energy on talking about air pollution instead it might actually help some people.


Pirate Praveen Sat 9 Nov 2019 10:58AM

So you are okay if more moaques are demolished this way? Do you think right wing will now stop their campaigns once temple is built?


Milind Singh Sat 9 Nov 2019 1:59PM

As if you okay with the 1000s of temple destroyed and built in mosques. No body asked you why there is no temple in madina?


Pirate Praveen Sat 9 Nov 2019 2:40PM

Even if we agree that Babri mosque was built after demolishing a temple, how far back in history do we go? Do we check if the earlier temple was built after demolishing a stupa? Or someone's house?

This is a property dispute, not historical investigation into the first structure that was ever built at the site.

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