Thu 12 Oct 2023 11:06AM

Raghu's concerns about concerns of smaller subset of users with specific needs (for example artists)

PP Pirate Praveen Public Seen by 17

Raghu posted this on our xmpp/matrix/irc group but some people feel the topic was already covered and in general the discussion environment have become unhealthy. So moving this here, which offers more fine grained control to people to engage or mute a thread. - Another example of what I said earlier. A use case of small subset of users (artists) is not important and we are at the mercy of someone rich or a big billion dollar company (the company is interested because of hdr gaming hype and not really because of colour management for artists) If it was not this workflow would have been brush aside as niche usecase. Which illustrates my point. Linux/ free software is majorly used by developers and it is only focused on their needs. If we are lucky the needs of normal people align and we get to use it. But it is also at the mercy of the majority


Pirate Praveen Thu 12 Oct 2023 11:20AM

I can understand Raghu's concern but I think extrapolating the impact on artists to all normal users is not fair. People using Leng Term Support versions will have their systems supported for man years and by that time if enough people care, this can be implemented in Wayland too. I agree that looking at these challenges as only individuals is demotivating but so many things in life we have achieved through collective struggles and in present and future it is relevant as well. Another thing he conveniently ignore is GNOME is not the only desktop environment out there, just because GNOME dropped X11 support does not mean, everyone else will drop it too. Forks happen often, GNOME 3 lead to Mate and systemd in Debian to Devuan for example.