Sat 15 Jan 2022 5:39AM

Talk on Stateless Democracy and the functioning of Rojava. A history into the state of Socialism in the 21st centuary and Kurdish struggles

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Socialism in 21th century: Presentation about Democratic Confederalism and the Rojava experience

Rojava's revolution that started in 2012 in the syrian part of Kurdistan, is based on the thought of the jailed PKK (Kurdistan Worker's Party) leader Abdullah Ocalan. He developed in the 2000's a paradigma based on grassroot democracy, women liberation and ecology. A decentralized stateless radical democracy, where communes form the basic political entity and a federal system is used to connect them. Since almost 10 years, the kurdish revolutionary movement has been fighting in Rojava to put in practice this political project. In the middle of a terrible war, where reactionaries, fascist and imperialist forces are trying to liquidate the revolution, the Rojava people's resistance gave hope worldwide and thousand of internationalist volunteers joined the revolution. I was one of them for the last three years. I had the chance to witness directly and participate in this struggle, and understand how this revolution, learning from the shortcoming of real socialism and decolonial struggles, is one of the most important frontline against the oppression of state, capitalism and patriarchy.

In this short presentation, there will be a part about the history of the kurdish revolutionary movement, a second part where I will give more details about Democratic Confederalism,

and one about its practical application in Rojava. There will be space after that for questions and exchanges.

At the end, we will have time to discuss how we could meet in the future to have more deep exchanges and build solidarity connections between indian and kurdish struggles.

Date : 15 Jan 2021

Time : 2:45 PM - 5:00 PM

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pirate king Sat 15 Jan 2022 2:45PM

Isnt this short notice for anyone to join?


pirate king Sat 15 Jan 2022 2:47PM

Also pkk history is something worth looking into before showing solidarity. As an individual I would be more aligned toward's Amir Taaki's vision for rojava which focuses more on technical challenges for any society.


Pirate Praveen Mon 17 Jan 2022 9:11AM

This was organized by @VoidSpaceXYZ in a short notice. We just attended the session to understand what they are doing. We have not made any decision to show solidarity yet. We can discuss here in detail before we decide anything.