Wed 21 Apr 2021 9:57AM

Issue a statement on Police Brutality

PV Pirate Vik Public Seen by 59

In light of the guilty verdict in the case of the murder of George Flloyd, we should issue a statement and perhaps specifically call out Police Brutality as an area that requires greater governance in India. We need Law and Order, but the enforces of Law and Order must not be above the law themselves.


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Special action for Police Brutality is not required at least in India. Closed Mon 3 May 2021 4:00PM

Existing laws and its stricter implementation would suffice. Dr. Ambedkar was visionary, he knew how Britishers used to 'force' the law. However he was clever to use the same law against Britishers for the benefit of our society.


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Pirate Praveen
Fri 23 Apr 2021 6:27PM

I don't know how Ambedkar reference is relevant here


Pirate Vik
Wed 28 Apr 2021 8:17AM

I think I can create a proposal that defines stricter implementation


Pirate Praveen Wed 21 Apr 2021 6:47PM

@Jigarkamble give at least 7 days for people to vote.


Jigarkamble Mon 26 Apr 2021 3:32PM

I have re-opened it. Thanks


Pirate Vik Wed 21 Apr 2021 7:25PM

The proposal is for greater governance, @Jigarkamble your poll seems to support my proposal as you say "stricter implementation may suffice" but I don't agree that you can rule out further legislation if stricter implementation does not in the end work.


Pirate Vik Mon 26 Apr 2021 3:10PM

@Jigarkamble what would you suggest as stricter implementation?


Pirate Vik Mon 26 Apr 2021 3:13PM

one thing could be to overhaul the governance of The national and state human rights commissions so that they are citizen led


Jigarkamble Mon 26 Apr 2021 3:35PM

Stricter implementation means application of the appropriate laws instead of leaving it to police. Educating people about their rights when they are probably harassed or tortured by police.


Pirate Vik Mon 26 Apr 2021 3:59PM

the national and state human rights commission are supposed to prosecute these cases, but in practice they do not. educating people about their rights is for sure required, maybe that's something for us to campaign on

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