Tue 24 May 2016 3:07PM

Student quick start to encryption

PP Pirate Praveen Public Seen by 293

Each student interested in participating has to understand these concepts/know how to use these tools.

  1. Install kontalk and start end to end encrypted communications the easy way. (If you don't have any contacts, add "nine 5 six one 74 five seven 12" to your contacts and refresh contact list.
  2. Install OpenKeychain and understand the behind the scene aspects of end to end encryption 2.1 Create a key pair 2.2 Learn the difference between private key and public key 2.2.1 Protect the private key 2.2.2 Publish/share the public key 2.2.3 Receive and verify someone else's public key 2.3 Encrypt a file and share it with some one 2.4 Receive an encrypted file from some one and decrypt it
  3. Install K9 Mail and automate encryption/signing
  4. Build master branch of kontalk from source
  5. Understand xmpp 5.1 get an xmpp account from (look for pods that have xmpp enabled) or from 5.2 Install conversations via 5.3 Join 5.4 Test gpg with conversations 5.5 Test OMEMO with conversations 5.6 Find xmpp id of kontalk and add it to conversations (disable encryption in kontalk). See if you can chat between conversations and kontalk.