Indian Pirates - Pirate Camps

A series of camps across Kerala (in other states if we get volunteers to organize) to discuss and plan actions around digital rights (free speech, privacy/surveillance, net neutrality, free software, community managed communication infra), access to knowledge (open access journals), education (access, quality, pedagogy) and other topics important for pirates.

Some concrete topics

  • encryption and privacy tools
  • free software trainings (gimp, inkscape, tex etc)
  • free software contribution (packaging, feature development, tools and processes)
  • community managed infra (diaspora, wiki, mailing list, gitlab admin)

We want to cover all districts and could plan at least one event per month. Typically 1-2 days. We should mentor interested folks and make them contributors.

We can ask like minded organizations to partner with us and let them use their preferred name for the camp. Local organizers will also be able use the name that they think would work better for them.