Kochi Metro Rail Limited(KMRL) plan to implement AI based video surveillance on Kochi metro stations

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I recently came to know about KMRL's plan on using AI based camera for passenger profiling on metro stations from online media outlets. I have also shared this on #fsci matrix room. One news channel also says that this is rolled out already and now couple of new changes recommended. As a person who use Kochi metro frequently, I was disturbed to hear this and now I am planning to write to the authorities about the privacy breach.

(writing points for mail)

what KMRL gonna do

1) Implement AI based video surveillance system with the help RSET

college which will analyze gender, age

of passengers.

2) Future: plan to implement IoT based devices on the metro pillars.

Advantages KMRL claim,

1.a) Predict passengers for upcoming weeks, days

1.b) Find missing luggage

2) To identify the tilting and other damages to the pillars.

Questions to their claim

1) What are you gonna do with that information. Are you planning to give

discounts based on gender and age ?

For predicting the upcoming traffic, information from the ticket which

itself have origin, destination, time and ticket sales will be better

than video surveillance.


2) Kochi metro pillar at Pathadipalam had a damage before and I

appreciate the effort to implement tech to identify such problems, but

concerned about using IoT devices. Any normal sensors which give such

information and transmitting to a local controller is enough than

sending out to Internet.