Wed 6 Jan 2016 11:16AM

Proposal to Move Diaspora Pod to Noida datacentre

S Saurabh Public Seen by 569

Hi Praveen,

I would like to propose the migration of Diaspora Pod from our Gurgaon Server to Noida data-centre server.

More resources can be provided to the pod in Datacentre as compared to the existing resources.

Let me know wdyt.

Saurabh J


Pirate Praveen Wed 6 Jan 2016 1:46PM

@saurabh , looks good to me. Since we have to also move to debian based hamara sugam, lets wait for its release (Feb?), what do you think? We also need to switch to full disk encryption.


Anish Sheela Thu 7 Jan 2016 4:44AM

Data center sounds more reliable. How would be the migration plan? Estimated downtime?

We have to inform users in advance.


Pirate Praveen Thu 7 Jan 2016 5:34AM


  1. setup the new server with full disk encryption.
  2. Sync uploaded files to new server (public directory)
  3. Shutdown old instance
  4. Resync files for recent changes
  5. Backup the database
  6. Copy database dump to new machine
  7. Restore database
  8. Bring up diaspora and test (use /etc/hosts).
  9. If everything is fine switch dns to new server.

Saurabh Thu 7 Jan 2016 8:36AM

@praveenarimbrathod : February is fine for me. I guess we should wait then till Sugam is released.


Pirate Vik Sat 9 Jan 2016 12:24PM

@saurabh We need to look deeper into hardening a diaspora node and also an IDS


Pirate Praveen Sat 19 Mar 2016 5:56AM

@vik any update on the hamara sugam plan?


Vidyut Sat 19 Mar 2016 12:43PM

Ambivalent. Whatever the people hands on think is right.

On side note and more of a long term thinking than immediate concern: I am somewhat paranoid about hosting my server in the same country as a government I piss off. Not to mention the government is currently obsessed with controlling content and particularly social media, but since we are already doing it, I wonder if we have/are exploring ways to eventually protect our data even in the event of the government physically accessing the server. I would also recommend not logging IPs of users by default. It can be turned on for testing and such or they can be recorded for a very short duration (so they get overwritten by the time anyone thinks to demand info on our users in the event of a problem)


Pirate Praveen Sun 27 Mar 2016 8:22PM

@vidyut those who don't want to be under Indian jurisdiction can opt for a pod outside India, that is the beauty of decentralization. Hosting in India is important from a self reliance perspective, not having to depend on another country for your communications. But the fight for free speech in India is a long and hard one.


Pirate Praveen Sun 27 Mar 2016 8:25PM

@vik @rajudvindane there was an article in Times of India few days back about diaspora and the author did not mention hosted in India because we are not listed in as our diaspora version is old. If she knew there was a pod in India,it would have had a bigger impact. But anyway we have to hurry up and complete the migration to hamara sugam.


Pirate Praveen Sun 27 Mar 2016 8:28PM

@vidyut I don't think we log ips. As for protecting the data from physical access. We got to encrypt our disk. We are planning to do it when we move to Noida data centre.

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