Islamic State accounts on diaspora

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See for a background. What should be our response if they open an account on our pod? I think we should consult groups like Software Freedom Law Center or Center for Internet and Society before we do anything.

This is our chance to stand up for free speech and defend against censorship.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" -- Evelyn Beatrice Hall


Juan Santiago Thu 21 Aug 2014 7:51PM

At other times I would say if something is very opposed to my conscience, Rasismo, fascism, animal abuse, you can say in diaspora* as in a corner of a street in a suburb, but please do not say it in my house nor in my pod, but in these times of free speech is mortally wounded, we should not censor anything, we all have the ability to block users unpleasant, that's part of freedom in Diaspora *
PS we have almost no information about everything happening in the East and other parts of the world, censor a bad start to know that it is.


Manu Krishnan T V
Sat 23 Aug 2014 4:12PM

I also stand up for Freedom of Speech.
Being an hosting provider, the service providers are often asked to take down sites by governments, with content they don't find appropriate. So, lets try to avoid that situation too.


Fri 22 Aug 2014 6:50PM

I have already shared


Pavithran S
Fri 22 Aug 2014 6:26PM

+1 there is no point in censoring content due to some whim and fancy . It should be a clear court order and even that I am not happy with removing any content.
If we keep on censoring content there definitely is no argument when we compare with FB.


Balasankar C
Fri 22 Aug 2014 6:01PM

Freedom of speech and independent communication were the two sole reasons because of which I joined savepoddery campaign. If we also start closing others' mouths, I'm outta here.


Pirate Praveen
Thu 21 Aug 2014 7:26PM

the whole point of taking trouble to host our own communication infrastructure is to stand up for everyone's privacy and free speech. If we are also going the route of facebook and twitter, I'd rather not waste my time on podery.


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by Pirate Praveen Tue 25 Apr 2017 5:22AM

We should stand up for free speech and we should only take down content if we are legally forced to do it.

We should stand for free speech and fight legally for everyone.

yes, we should remove any content only if we are forced to do it by a court of law after due process. We should legally fight for free speech. (I know free speech in our country is very limited, but we should not give up easily).

no, don't bother standing up or rights of people we don't agree with. We can continue bad mouthing twitter and facebook for censoring and pretend we are good guys and our intentions are pure.


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