[Proposal] Switch to P2P based Communication Channels

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We should use P2P messaging protocols / platforms as our primary communication channels (like jami / briar) & have minimal presence on Web 2.0 platforms (website just for letting the world know about our existence, like the current Even matrix is making ways towards p2p architecture.

P2P protocols give user more anonymity, freedom & control over their data than any existing alternatives

Our Requirements:

  1. Cross Platform (mobile & desktop)

  2. Group chat

  3. file sharing

  4. Voice / video calls

Currently Evaluating This list of Messengers, Feel free to add more...





No group Chat



UI is not good. Group chats are in infancy


Pirate Praveen Wed 23 Mar 2022 5:25PM

I don't think p2p can be a drop in replacement right now. We tested briar, it can only send a message if both persons are online. When it matures, we can consider it.


Karthik Wed 23 Mar 2022 5:29PM

jami is also making progress


Karthik Wed 23 Mar 2022 5:33PM

We could evaluate more options or even give feedback & collaborate with briar community to address these issues. they could also feel more motivated knowing that their app is being used by more people


Poll Created Wed 30 Mar 2022 10:59AM

Primary Choice of P2P Messenger for FSCI Presence. Closed Sat 30 Apr 2022 6:00PM


Results Option % of points Voters
GNU Jami 100.0% 3 K AK SA
Briar 0.0% 0  
Tox 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 241 AP V RD VT VKJ HM AM NE D AB A S B NF S RV JKJ S N RD

3 of 244 people have participated (1%)


Pirate Bady Thu 31 Mar 2022 6:05AM

@Karthik 3 days poll time may be too short for people to respond, i suggest to make it at least 1 week. also i guess the poll is not about "switching" as it says in the thread title, right? in that case, i think there's already some group/room (or whatever it is called) in briar (created by @Ravi Dwivedi or @Pirate Praveen i think). i had joined it, but as usual i forgot the credentials of briar app and there's no way to reset the password.


Ravi Dwivedi Thu 31 Mar 2022 1:58PM

3 days poll time is short. This type of poll time is usually given to statements that we need to release on urgent basis, maybe like reaction on WhatsApp privacy policy change etc.

Yes, FSCI already has a briar group, which, as far as I know, nobody uses.

Also, if we don't switch to the p2p option like Jami or Briar, then we will have two different discussion groups(one will be interconnected via IRC/Matrix/XMPP and another on Briar/Jami). Is it fine to have two separate groups?


Karthik Sat 2 Apr 2022 5:38AM

@Pirate Bady @Ravi Dwivedi i also didn't intend to finish it quickly, Extended the poll date to 30th April.

We can have the P2P one as an addition & optional
to the existing chat infra


Ravi Dwivedi Sat 2 Apr 2022 6:41AM

Then, people in one group will miss discussion in the other.


Karthik Sun 3 Apr 2022 6:27AM

true. nothing can be done for that. However, This is an initiative to adopt P2P in FSCI. BTW Briar is also making a desktop version


Ravi Dwivedi Sun 3 Apr 2022 8:02AM

I need to somehow run that Briar Desktop in the background all the time which is not possible for me. I think the question we need to ask is: In what ways should p2p change so that it will be ready for us to adopt?

@Karthik @Pirate Praveen

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