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A small step towards spreading the word about #Freebasics!

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In spite of facing severe flak for violating the core principles of #NetNeutrality in the recent past, Facebook , yet again refused to budge and this time has introduced as #Freebasics. As most us of here at Indian Pirates already know that it’s the ‘same wine in a new bottle’ , we ought to do something about it.
Most Indians are either uninformed or misinformed about Facebook’s latest tool Freebasics and fail to realize that even after a few changes to its program , Freebasics still violates the principles of net neutrality. is already live in India. Lets not let Mark Zuckerberg and Telcos. Decide what we see on the internet. Lets not let them be the gatekeepers to “the single most important development in the history of human communication”. Lets take our #internet BACK!

In view of the above , Im suggesting a small step towards spreading the word about Freebasics thanks to a fellow member on Diaspora.
The idea is something like this: Each of us take a printout (you could even write it) supporting net neutrality and to stop freebasics and send it to me or someone who can make a nice collage out of all the pics. It would look something like this :

If you are not able to see the picture in the above link , login to Diaspora , look for
“Prasanna Venkadesh” and go to the “Photos” tab. There is just the one picture im talking about.

Spread the msg and pitch the idea to your friends. If even 30 -50 of us click a picture and we make a collage out of it , it would send a strong message.

Also , change your profile pictures on Facebook , Diaspora , twitter and other accounts for a few days regarding the same issue.

My pic:

edit: Its easier if you just attach the picture here on the thread


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