Wed 28 Oct 2015 12:34PM

Should Indian Pirates advocate for the decriminalisation of possession of controlled narcotics?

PV Pirate Vik Public Seen by 233
  • Currently international law is out of pace with society and leads to unnecessary criminalisation of people.

  • By criminalising people we do not reduce consumption

  • Current regulations worldwide are not based on clinical evidence.

  • Reduction of harm rather than criminalisation should be the approach taken under the law.


Pirate Vik Wed 28 Oct 2015 12:36PM

@praveenarimbrathod @vidyut @rajudvindane @fayadfami @karthikeyanak should we adopt a position on this topic? Do you guys feel it's relevant?


shirish Wed 28 Oct 2015 1:42PM

A good discussion on this topic could/should be lead by seeing The creators raised the funds via kickstarter and premiered it this year, see


shirish Wed 28 Oct 2015 1:44PM

What's interesting is people who are in the vice squad themselves saying that current methods encourage both criminality and violence much more than digital methods and as far as marijuana and other organic drugs are concerned, it should be relaxed which is very much in-line with my views on the subject.


Pirate Vik Wed 28 Oct 2015 1:51PM


[deactivated account] Wed 28 Oct 2015 2:22PM

Not that I want to encourage consuming drugs but.. I strongly stand by legalizing marijuana/other recreational drugs if that's what you are talking about.. Uruguay had legalized marijuana but with a limit.. You can only buy a set limit.. I feel the quality would be much better and you won't have to deal with dangerous peddlers.. I also feel that the reason behind taking down silk Road was because it was hurting the conventional drug trade.. Stiff on silk road was cheap since the middle men were done with and of a very good quality.. And safer too..


Vidyut Wed 28 Oct 2015 2:46PM

Create a proposal. Let's take a vote. I don't see why not.


[deactivated account] Wed 28 Oct 2015 3:01PM

yeah i think its pretty straightforward too.. lets take a vote


Pirate Vik Wed 28 Oct 2015 3:16PM

@arjun @vidyut Just to play devils advocate - would you hold the same position for any banned narcotic?

I am proposing that the harm reduction approach should be applied to any narcotic on the basis that it yields a better and more humane outcome for the people involved.


[deactivated account] Wed 28 Oct 2015 3:46PM

@vik just so im clear , by banned narcotics do you mean pills like Sibutramine (for weight loss) , prescription drugs like valium and not the recreational ones like marijuana/ cocaine?
Also , what exactly did you mean by "controlled narcotics"?


Vidyut Wed 28 Oct 2015 3:51PM

@vik Like I said, I don't have a problem, I will vote my view based on how you write your question. I am not going to engage in debate with you for a while out of respect for my own time.

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