Poddery Migration

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As you may all know we have been trying to move to a new server since we had some bitter experiences with our current hosting provider During the last two weeks we were continuously trying to get it done.

On March 23-24 some of us (@akhilvarkey, @bady, @balasankarchelamat, @harishk, @kannanvm, @mujeebcpy, @praveenarimbrathod, @ranjithsiji, @sgk and @srud4) gathered at thrissur to work on some of the issues listed here. During that meeting we ordered a new server from with the following specs for $28/month:
* Intel Xeon E3-1246V3 Processor
* 2x2TB HDD

(For details of the old server pls see

Currently we have done the following on the new server:
* Activated the server with Debian Stretch and upgraded it to Buster.
* Configured RAID and LVM on LUKS (for encrypted data partitions) with separate partitions for database, static files (such as user-uploaded files) and logs.
* Installed all necessary packages to run poddery services such as nginx, mysql, postgresql, diaspora, matrix-synapse, prosody, etc.
* Upgraded diaspora to v0.7.6 from v0.7.2.
* Installed matrix-synapse package from official debian repo instead of from upstream source.

What's left to do:
* Make the final switch (mainly synchronizing database & changing DNS configuration to point to the new server).
* Test all services. We will keep the old server as is until the new server is properly tested.
* Document everything in detail at

Tonight we're going to the make the switch and hence there'll be a downtime of all poddery services for a short period of time (hopefully less than 4 hours). We kindly request all of you to join with us for testing the services. If you find any issues please report here or in the poddery matrix room.


Pirate Bady Tue 9 Apr 2019 12:17AM

Update: is now on new server!


Pirate Praveen Tue 9 Apr 2019 4:13AM

Thanks for your hard work @bady @ranjithsiji and @akhilvarkey


Abhijith PA Tue 9 Apr 2019 6:04AM

Migration is a boring task. Really appreciate everybody's hard work. Thanks to all who involved in the process.