Sat 4 Jun 2016 4:13PM

Make use of RTI ?

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I have an (potentially flawed/imperfect) idea for an activity. It is regarding Right to Information Act. This might help create a positive impact on the society and also help Indian Pirates to get some publicity. Quoting from RTI's wiki page “to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority”. Since transparent and direct governance is what we strive for, I think this would be very appropriate.

The idea is to look out for funds being sanctioned by the government for public welfare activities. Look around and isolate government funded projects/activities. Do we see that the funded organization is doing justice to it? Do we see that value of the work done does not match the funded amount ? Or not even completed the work at all, even after spending a large amount of money ?

Then let us file an RTI query to the concerned department asking for specific expenses on the government allotted fund. This will help us bring out corruption easily. Once the data is out in the public, it is easy to find any misappropriations associated with it. Let us then have a section in the indian pirates website, summarizing the spending for all such projects that we're requested information, enabling general public to audit this data

Is this practical ?


Ryan LM Tue 13 Dec 2016 1:42AM

This is would be incredible and would supplement the work of the CVC. It is resource intensive, but the Pirates would stand out as a force for good governance. Do you have a plan of how this can be achieved? If so, it could be pitched to the members to see if this is within the scope of our activities.