A blog post on announcing software freedom camp 2021 (diversity edition)

RD Ravi Dwivedi Public Seen by 26

28th July 2021: Software Freedom Camp (Diversity Edition) 2021 is an online mentorship programme focusing on diversity organized by Free Software Community of India and inspired by Free Software Camp and Outreachy. You can learn more about the camp at

We have now opened our mailing list for announcements, matrix/xmmp powered chat room and mastodon/pleroma/fediverse accounts to receive updates about this year's Software Freedom Camp Diversity edition. You can join/follow us on any of these mediums to know when we will start the registrations.

If you want to join as a learner or mentor, please check

We are also looking for more people to join our organizing team, if you are interested, write us an email to camp at with a short introduction about yourself.