Sat 30 Nov 2019 4:16PM

Constitution amendment: Our position on women's freedom

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I saw this post -> on Mastodon today and I wanted to have this as one of our basic principles.

Since we have to start somewhere, I am suggesting these words, but I'm sure we will come up with something better during discussions.

"Mainstream opinion on women's safety seems to put women solely responsible for their safety and always tend to blame the victim when any violence on women is reported. When society accepts it's easy to blame and treat women (the way people do) and get away with anything, that contributes to the violence women have to endure. We firmly believe it is the responsibility of the entire society to ensure safety of all women."


Pirate Praveen Sun 29 Dec 2019 9:27AM

Night Walk for women seems like a good initiative from Kerala govt.


pirate king Sun 15 Dec 2019 8:39AM


Pirate Praveen Sat 7 Dec 2019 5:49AM

One video shared by @Kannan V M on our matrix group. I think we should do a public demonstration (just hold placards with these points at a park). This will highlight points missed in the mainstream media and photos of actions on the street has value in online campaigns too. If we get connected to other people sharing these views, that is a bonus.


Pirate Bady Thu 5 Dec 2019 7:06AM

@michael john sinclair. hi, this issue is already being discussed here at it's better you reply there.


michael john sinclair. Thu 5 Dec 2019 6:51AM

I see 2 non inclusive words here,

Educated and Citizen are both a bad choice. If we replace with people young and old it could solve the dilemma


Akshay Thu 5 Dec 2019 6:00AM

Basic principle: Indian Pirates stands for gender equality.

Specific action items/policy changes can be taken from SDG5

Specifically, there is "Eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres, including trafficking and sexual and other types of exploitation"

How one should do that is a question that takes deliberation and deep work which we can do once we form the government.


Pirate Bady Thu 5 Dec 2019 4:53AM

The entire structure of Indian society’s attitude towards women is rotten to the core. If you really want to make India safe for women, then watch your own behaviour every single minute of every single day and change it.


Pirate Praveen Wed 4 Dec 2019 3:14PM

Agreed. I suggested to go ahead since there were not much comments from others. Now that @Kannan V M brought up an important angle, we can take more time.


Aiśwarya KK Wed 4 Dec 2019 3:11PM

I feel it needs more discussion before becoming a proposal. I would like to wait for more opinions before making a proposal.


Pirate Praveen Wed 4 Dec 2019 2:46PM

This is good. Indian Pirates's goal is to connect people together in a platform without hierarchies. Each person having the rights to initiate policy changes and activities without needing to get approvals by a governing body. Those who are interested can just join in any activity. It is something we understand well in Free Software communities, but trying that model in a political organization was difficult.

So create 2 proposals here. We usually give 7 days for people to vote. If required we can close and recreate it or update it. At this level everyone can participate giving a chance for new people to get involved. But if we can't get a consensus, then we move that proposal to Associates sub group (people who publicly accepted the Indian Pirates constitution) and if it fails to get consensus we move that to Members sub group. All members have equal rights and votes.

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