Documenting teams and memberships

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It would be useful for new members to understand their rights and also make teams sustainable if we have processes defined for teams and membership. I propose we have a debian like structure where membership is accepted based on contribution and vouching by contributors.


Pirate Praveen Wed 29 Apr 2015 4:36AM

Basic principles,

  1. We are a collective promoting Free Software, and self reliant, private communication infrastructure based on Free Software.
  2. Anyone subscribing to these ideas can become an associate member.
  3. When two existing members vouch for contributions of an associate member, they may become a full member.
  4. Members can form teams to manage free software based infrastructure like wiki, mailing lists, diaspora social network nodes or gitlab code repositories.

Please suggest additions or modifications.


Balasankar C Thu 11 Feb 2016 4:57PM

I've a suggestion.Follow the model of old communities where everyone was valued based on merit. This 'two persons vouch' thingy is good for a pirate movement, but it is too formal for a community. A loosely coupled community structure based on meritocracy would be better (that was how FCI worked in the initial stages, wasn't it?)

I dont like the idea of different levels of membership for a hacker community.


Pirate Praveen Thu 11 Feb 2016 4:59PM

@balasankarchelamat but you need two advocates for voting rights in debian as well and it has worked well. Do you not see debian as a hacker community?


Pirate Praveen Thu 11 Feb 2016 5:00PM

In fact, it was the debian structure that inspired me to create this model for pirate communities. It is do-o-cracy, you earn your rights but once you earn it, you get equal rights.


Balasankar C Thu 11 Feb 2016 5:09PM

To be very fair, I don't actually care much about the 'voting right' of Debian Developers (and the politics associated with that) so that didn't come into my mind when I initially replied. So, taking back that reply and consider the following a modified reply.

  1. Change the goddamn names "associate" and "full". It gives an image of associate members are of less value than full members. Let's invent some other beautiful titles. :)

  2. Isn't the concept and planning of 'voting' and all a little premature? I would like to know what all stuff have been decided by a vote in FCI (I joined FCI after it became inactive. :D) and that should help us to decide whether we need to discuss and decide the idea of voting right now.

  3. Add another point - No one (not even associate members) needs to get 'permission' to hack on an idea they find interesting. Ask around and if you get someone else to join, start hacking along with them. If you don't get anyone, still start hacking and hope others will get interested and join you.


Pirate Praveen Thu 11 Feb 2016 7:14PM

Unless we clearly state the rights, a few who dominate will eventually become the leaders, from experiences in the past and also from other communities. Its always better to state everyone's rights, so they can demand if it is denied.

Agreed with finding better names, how about we just directly go for a single membership, consider everyone who contribute to Free Software like "associate member"?

I thought so for 6-7 years, but now we got to do it. More than voting, its about documenting. But voting may be required when there is a disagreement or we want to amend the constitution/statement of principles/philosophy, whatever you call it. It is more like a procedure to change something, better spell it out.

Agreed on point 3. Only if there is a disagreement that something is against our principles, we need to stop it.


Pirate Praveen Thu 11 Feb 2016 7:16PM

This is very important for newbies, this would avoid questions like you posed right now (I don't know how things work here, I joined late). When we have things clearly stated, it does not matter when you join.


Pirate Praveen Thu 11 Feb 2016 7:17PM

Also people who already worked together take many things for granted. We know how we manage, but what if someone wants to help with maintaining Do we have a document that we can show to anyone who comes with interest to help out?


Balasankar C Thu 11 Feb 2016 7:22PM

Yeah. I am all for documentation. :) Let's get others too on this discussion.