Tue 14 Jul 2015 12:31PM

Adopting and adapting existing Pirate Party core documents

V Vidyut Public Seen by 184

I propose that we adapt core documents of existing Pirate Parties to create our own. This includes vision documents, constitutions and even ideas from manifestos (even if we are not contesting elections) that we can use more like action plans - obviously not counting on public funds at this point.

I think the way we are building the constitution/principles by adding points by vote is dysfunctional and resulting in a rather disjointed power point type document rather than anything with any amount of detail or nuance. This is important, because we require agreement with this to join.

Anders makes an excellent point on the other thread:

I ask you all please to always remember that the Pirate Party Movement was founded on a few basic ideas.

These few ideas are followed strictly by many PPs and always by the ones with success. They actually give voters a very different political party to vote for.

The core ideas are very well summarized in michael’s link to Pirate Party Iceland. Further you will find the tasks and goals of Pirate Parties International here

Pirates are a very special kind of politicians. They are mostly activists, or people that want activists as elected representatives in parliaments, city boards and alike.

For a movement to be valid all over the world and spread the same basic ideas I will personally say it is very important to get an early access to the resources that has been built around the world for 9 years now. The movement is still increasing in size and it is all because of those core ideas the movement as whole share.

I think he is dead right, and our attempt to be a Pirate Party, but come up with our own core ideals is at the root of a lot of our inability to form a coherent party for years.

And it isn't even logical. We call ourselves a Pirate Party, but refuse to accept the standard core without editing it to taste. Instead our constitution includes rules for "forking" the party/community. As though people who split away need our approval to do what they want while we, who claim to create a specific identity will not accept what it entails without being picky.

As a result, everyone is confused, planning and acting on forks before the formation, and what not and we really have little to show after years of attempts beyond a few internet protests - those too initiated by someone else. Not Pirates.

I think it is time to put our money where our mouth is, adopt and adapt what it means to be a Pirate Party/community and learn from it instead of trying to shape what we are not even experienced and competent to alter.

Or we will forever be trying random things and wondering why nothing ever gets anywhere.


Vidyut Tue 14 Jul 2015 12:32PM

At this point, this is just a discussion. I'm looking more for views and ideas than immediate knee jerk upvoting or down voting. If something worth taking a collective opinion from emerges, we can make a proposal.