Peertube maintenance - minutes of jitsi call held on 17/02/2021

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Attendees: Abhijith, Akhil, Bady (me), Manav, Rojin, Suman

  1. Discussed about funding, both the main instance and storage space.

    1. Current budget status to be updated by Bady.

    2. Ram had agreed to sponsor storage space upto 100G for a year. To reduce wastage, it was suggested to go for incremental upgrade by adding a block storage of 30G first which can be expanded later as needed on the fly.

    3. There was also a discussion to go for a public crowdfunding campaign, but later Suman offered to sponsor the peertube instance for 1 year.

  2. Manav and Rojin agreed to undertake server maintenance. They'll be provided access to the server.

  3. Technical tasks to be done (It was suggested to update FSCI wiki with more details of the same):

    1. Add 30G additional block storage.

    2. Upgrade peertube to version 3.

    3. Move from docker setup to native installation.