Tue 22 Mar 2022 4:11PM

Future of pirate irc bridge

PP Pirate Praveen Public Seen by 13

Pirate IRC bridge is down for some time since pirate irc had issues. Anyone wants to check the current status and keep the bridge running? If no one wants to keep it running, we should officially shut it down.


sahilister Wed 23 Mar 2022 3:09AM

It seems noteness did a hack to add individual rooms after the bridge went down, which I couldn't figure, nor was I able to bring stuff back up.

I'm for sunsetting the IRC bridge for good.


sahilister Wed 23 Mar 2022 3:10AM

Also it seems, poddery team room - our only working IRC-matrix room is down, so the bridge is doing nothing now.


Pirate Praveen Wed 23 Mar 2022 8:57AM

Just noting: this is the only bridge from pirate irc network to matrix, so this is unique value unlike diaspora, matrix or prosody which has other providers.


Akshay Tue 29 Mar 2022 7:23AM


Pirate Praveen Tue 29 Mar 2022 9:39AM

Thanks a lot for bringing it up. This will allow us to uniquely offer 1. Bridge any pirate irc room (the main feature) 2. Bridge an xmpp room to irc and matrix via bifrost bridge (since bifrost bridge don't give admin access we can't use the irc bridge). 3. Bridge to irc if the irc room has more than 100 users.