Fri 24 Feb 2017 4:11AM

Support crowd funding campaign of Irom Sharmila

PP Pirate Praveen Public Seen by 393

I think we should do a fund raising campaign for Irom Sharmila.
I propose we meet her after the elections to work together
I'd like to visit Manipur if one more person volunteers
Just contributed 10000 rupees to her campaign. I request all of you to consider donating to her campaign. We need more such people in politics and if they have to succeed, we should support them in any way we can.


shirish Fri 24 Feb 2017 2:16PM

@praveen I am open to visiting Manipur but only if we have some concrete plans. If there are any schools or colleges which have a willingness for free software then we could do workshops and it makes sense.

How's the network over there or basic thing as electricity as well ?

How would the weather be ?

Another thing to consider, who would fuel the expenses of the to and fro -

I just had a look at Pune - Manipur via train it's 2 days and around 4.2k one way - 3.2k for train-fare and roughly 1k for all and any incidentals on the way including lunch, dinner etc and similar expenses for coming back .

By flights its 6k but just a 2 hr. hop , with the Regional Connectivity Scheme it might be a bit cheaper so that seems the easier way.

It would be nice if you can spell out how much time are you thinking of staying there and what sort of things you wanna look at ?

Are there any existing organizations whom who would support us in this venture?

Looking forward to know more details.


shirish Sun 5 Mar 2017 1:25PM

seems manipur will have the highest turnout till date in voting percentage

So there's definitely something we could learn from them in terms of at least voting awareness and percentage.

maybe, just maybe it's possible that Iron Shormila will become CM and won't need her funds. She has been fighting for so long for Manipur, who knows. (crossed fingers)


Pirate Praveen Mon 6 Mar 2017 10:50AM

@shirish thanks for the interest. We'll have to raise our own funds. First we need to find potential volunteers before we plan activities there. Some of my friends (Ojas, Labeeb, Asokan) have visited Manipur and met Irom in the past, we can get local connections from them. Irom's party PRJA is contesting only 3 seats, so its unlikely she will become the CM in this election.


[deactivated account] Mon 13 Mar 2017 5:44AM

Looks like she will be visiting kerala.. Sad she lost like that.. When someone like her just gets 90 votes I don't know what it tells us about the peoples mindset


Pirate Praveen Mon 13 Mar 2017 8:01AM

Yes, its indeed sad and disappointing. It only means the fight we chose is tough and we should not give up easily seeing short term setbacks.


Pirate Praveen Sun 19 Mar 2017 8:01AM

Good interview of Irom Sharmila

and my translation

"The same people for whom you fought with a tactic unseen in history, mercilessly rejected you in elections.

That is the electoral politics. People of Manipur still loves me. I have experienced it when seeking votes. But the question that they always asked was, you are alone. They thought I alone winning has no significance. People of Manipur has become pragmatic. They have a lot of problems.

There is conflict between people of the plains and the valley. There is conflict with Nagaland. They might have thought my win will not help solve these issues. In today’s situation even Mahatma Gandhi himself contest elections, he will lose. It does not mean people reject Gandhi that is electoral politics."