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A fact finding project on LPG subsidy

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This is something we could do and publish the results of in national interest. It is something that allows participation by all to whatever extent they find possible and results in a concrete resource.

Every day we hear numbers thrown around about how Aadhaar is saving the country a lot of money in LPG subsidies. From the sound of it, a hell of a lot of people have given up subsidy or "leaks" or "misuse" of the system have been arrested. Is this accurate?

Several individual cases have come to my attention when I mentioned that I was not able to add my bank account to my gas account to receive the subsidy. There are many people who have been unable to avail of the subsidy for reasons as varied as document/bank issues to delays in submitting bank/Aadhaar details to outright denial of subsidy to people without Aadhaar cards in direct contravention of the directions of the Supreme Court.

We could do a small project where individuals among us interview a lot of people/families about their LPG subsidy status, and record their responses as one out of the following:

  1. Not eligible for subsidy (high income)
  2. Given up subsidy
  3. Receiving subsidy in bank account
  4. Want subsidy, but not able to get
  5. Not using gas or not applied for subsidy or other

Target area for further info is point 4. When someone says they want subsidy, but aren't getting, asking further questions to categorize their answer as one of the following:

4a. Document problems
4b. Lack of bank account
4c. Lack of Aadhaar causing denial
4d. Inability to connect bank account/Aadhaar for receiving money even when exists.
4e. Other

Every one of us who can do this, does it. For whatever scale they can. Be it campaigning entire neighbourhoods and slums, or just your building, or just asking friends or family or whoever you interact with, or just replying for your single family. Whatever scale. Anyone can participate to some or the other degree even if it is as simple as "I am option 5 - living in hostel, no gas."

Let us keep collecting the data till it is a significant number and once we hit a thousand results, publish a graph with the data and update that graph with further results as we keep collecting, with each thousand new entries.

In the end, we will have enough statistical information to have a view and statement about the government's claims about savings from LPG subsidy and whether they are coming from depriving eligible citizens of their right.

At the very least, we can publish a research that is less than perfect, but provides enough information to call for a professionally done survey.

This research could further be bolstered by publicly available data on subsidies and RTI queries for specific details like say.... change in number of people receiving subsidies in "X, Y, Z" localities which are poor and unlikely to voluntarily give up subsidy, etc.


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[deactivated account]
Mon 21 Mar 2016 10:28AM

Idea is good, but Will have to work out more clear plan.


Pirate Vik
Mon 21 Mar 2016 7:33PM

Don't know much about it but happy to help with the presentation / graphics


[deactivated account]
Mon 11 Apr 2016 11:21PM

Sounds like you have it all figured! The details of your plan do help! .. Ill be out of station for the next two weeks and then join praveen and others in Kerala later .. I could do this together with them then..


Pirate Bady
Sat 16 Apr 2016 6:47AM

I suggest conducting an online survey too (but the thing is that we'll have to believe that people will participate honestly).


Vidyut Fri 8 Apr 2016 5:30PM

I got hijacked with events in personal life (kid's surgery, dad died, etc) will try to get around to making something with this that we can deploy as I can make time.


Alexander Gounder Tue 12 Apr 2016 10:02AM

Last Year when they made it mandatory for us the submit aadhar (either submit or pay full price). I had filed an RTI asking what kind of research was done before implementing such a scheme, because I had a theory:
That LPG cylinders are paid for by the women of the house, from her household expenses, so with this scheme, she would have to spend more, and in most homes (like in mine) the cyclinders are in the name of the men, so the money would have to go in the man's account. Now I'm not sure but I don't most men would adjust the expense money the women of the house would get based on this small amount that they are now getting in the account. so while they are claiming to have plugged leakages in the system by this, they actually took away money from women and gave to the men as well. Further they should have thought of such a thing and figured another way of fixing these so called leakages.

This was the first time I filed an RTI, so was not very clear or tactful in wording it, while the ministry passed it on to the oil marketing companies, they replied back saying they didn't do such a research because they "Don't discriminate between their users on basis of gender"

Further it's been a year since we register DBT, and the amount given back has gone from 80 bucks to about 60bucks... while cost of the cylinder has gone up as well. So this allowed them to reduce the subsidy considerably on the sly and claim it's people giving up subsidy.


Vidyut Sun 17 Apr 2016 5:32PM

Good points @gounder

@Bady do you have any ideas on how it can be made more foolproof? Ruling party has enough organized trolls to game any survey that isn't intrusive on confidential details like actual LPG reg no.


Vidyut Sun 17 Apr 2016 5:33PM

This could also be a part of Praveen's campaign on the ground. Getting live info from people whether their gas subsidies are working. Gives a reason to engage with people doing something real.


Pirate Bady Sun 17 Apr 2016 5:53PM

@vidyut currently my mind is blank, will update when i strike something.

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