fossmeet in Delhi/NCR

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There is a need for a joined up / country wide approach with fossmeet. Am starting this thread to organise one and find other people to help!


Pirate Vik Thu 3 Mar 2016 11:00AM

@shreyas Is in the marketing team at Tech Blue Software and works on marketing support for open source applications. We are happy to give some resource time from the company to get this event co-ordinated.


Pirate Vik Thu 3 Mar 2016 11:01AM

@praveenarimbrathod @pavithrans could you guys link us with any other people who can help?


ShreyaS Thu 3 Mar 2016 11:02AM

Thanks @vik !
Great idea !!


Pirate Praveen Thu 3 Mar 2016 2:45PM

@vik I have started a mail thread with a few active foss community folks in Delhi.


Pirate Vik Fri 4 Mar 2016 9:00AM

@praveenarimbrathod Thanks - will link people back here as soon as they are in touch. @shreyas Shall we think about when and where? A university campus would make sense - there has been a suggestion of JNU considering recent events.

As for when, how long is required, it would be helpful to know how long the other fossmeets have taken to organise.


ShreyaS Fri 4 Mar 2016 9:05AM

@vik Yes it will be a good idea to organise in university campus but JNU issue is still sensitive. Can we get a list first as we need the approval as well for the same.


Pirate Vik Fri 4 Mar 2016 9:08AM

@shreyas we should also consider hired venues I guess - that worked out pretty well for the Hamara Conference in Gurgaon.


Pavithran S Sat 5 Mar 2016 1:06PM

Hired venues

If you do it in a campus , you could get a set of motivated students who will volunteer for the event. Normally students organise fests and they do know whom to contact and what to do to get say for example a mike set.


ShreyaS Fri 4 Mar 2016 9:10AM

@vik - Agree to that. Let me look for details on conference halls nearby Gurgaon. How much strength can we expect?


Pirate Vik Fri 4 Mar 2016 9:13AM

@shreyas I think we need to rely on @praveenarimbrathod experience in organising these types of events and base expected numbers on their previous event.

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