Fri 15 May 2015 12:25PM

updating to

PP Pirate Praveen Public Seen by 148

I'm working on handling update from 0.4.x to 0.5.x in diaspora-installer package. Once that work is completed, I will update to

Since this is the only possible installation of the package, officially supporting this update is not needed I guess.


Pirate Praveen Wed 20 May 2015 2:22PM

I'm ready with the package but there is only 48 MB left. @vik can we add more space? I need to backup the data and also we need space to grow.


Manu Krishnan T V Wed 20 May 2015 3:10PM

Just 48MB? What is the disk size for


Pirate Vik Wed 20 May 2015 3:49PM

@manukrishnantv @praveenarimbrathod Amardeep should be joining this group shortly and will be able to help with the disk space


Amardeep Singh Wed 20 May 2015 3:56PM

There are few things we need to do on the server.

  • One we are upgrading our cloud stack and moving running instances temporarily to other datacentre in gurgaon.
  • If I provide you new system how easy is to move the data I am happy to put someone on this from hamara to move the data and get the server ready.

Let me know if this is fine with you guys and also how much space you need.


Manu Krishnan T V Wed 20 May 2015 4:03PM

@praveenarimbrathod will be the best person to comment on this as is the only pod in production, which used the installer package. He was looking forward to test the upgrade feature which was added to the installer. So, if you can move the VM entirely to the new data center, that will be more preferred.

Again, just 48MB left is a serious issue to address. Logs a day itself might take up that size.


Pirate Praveen Wed 20 May 2015 5:02PM

@amardeepsingh can we move the whole VM first? Then add more disk space. I think 10 more GB at least should be added.


Amardeep Singh Thu 21 May 2015 7:43AM

@praveenarimbrathod yes no issues. I'll get on with moving the vm today. Is it possible to provide me ssh access to the server.

Meanwhile can we clear or move some data to free up space. I can attach another drive to vm.


Pirate Praveen Fri 22 May 2015 6:03PM

@amardeepsingh I'm travelling next few days. @akshay @fayadfami can you folks work with Amardeep?


Akshay Fri 22 May 2015 7:54PM

@amardeepsingh please give me your public key, I shall add to the ssh authorized_keys


Akshay Fri 22 May 2015 8:03PM

Meanwhile, there's only 25 MB left now.

The /var/log/diaspora/access.log file is 37965682 bytes (38MB). Is it okay to delete this log?
Also, there're some zips, tars, etc inside /usr/share/diaspora/public which'd be like 1MB, 2MB, etc.

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