FSCI Loomio instance ( temporarily out of service

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The self-hosted loomio instance of FSCI at is temporarily out-of-service. The service was in beta stage and the plan was to migrate the FSCI group on without losing the existing discussions and userbase before announcing the service publicly. But due to various technical issues, such as this one, this task took so long such that it hasn't been completed yet. Meanwhile a community called Saakhi, not being aware of the beta status of the service, started using it seriously. This made migration more difficult. During the last FSCI meetup it was decided to transfer the service to Saakhi's domain at exclusively for their use (whether it'll remain public or not is upto Saakhi) so that we can start with a fresh instance which will make migration more easier. Currently @Bady (me), @Syam G Krishnan, @Akhil and @Kiran S Kunjumon have volunteered to deploy and maintain the service. If anyone else is interested to join please comment on this thread.