Wed 28 Feb 2024 8:06PM

Join our volunteer campaign for 2024 General Elections

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We have a page now for volunteers who want to help with the 2024 General Elections campaign at

Please share this widely as we need as much help we can get to defeat the BJP, as we already decided earlier in


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Would you join our team of volunteers to defeat BJP in upcoming 2024 General Elections? Closed Wed 3 Apr 2024 8:00PM

What is the team, working group or event you are inviting people to?

We are looking for more people to join our volunteer campaign to defeat the BJP

Why is this important?

Our democracy and constitution is unlikely to withstand a third term for BJP. See this excellent video by Dhruv Rathee who summarizes the problems with BJP.

What are you asking people to do?

If you are convinced we need to defeat BJP, then we have to reach out to as many people as possible and try to convince them the same as well.

If you volunteer, join sub group as well.

Select 'Accept' to participate!


Results Option % of target Voters
Accept 12% 6 AB B M PB S PP
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Undecided 192 V K A D K S CMJ S F RD MS RS P A PJ J A S C I

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Pirate Praveen
Wed 28 Feb 2024 8:11PM

Our country is in cross roads, if we don't do our best to defeat BJP, things are going to be much harder in the coming years.


Sumodh Krishna
Wed 28 Feb 2024 8:11PM

I would prefer BJP over the looters called INDI Alliance. They just want to do whatever they want to grab power.


Pirate Praveen Thu 29 Feb 2024 9:49AM

@Sumodh Krishna Even assuming they are looters, we get to remove fscism and dictatorship. You think corruption is a bigger threat than these? (even assuming BJP is not corrupt, which is not the case as can be easily demonstrated by all the corrupt people BJP has recently accepted into their party). We don't have a binary choice between good vs evil, this is going to be a compromise from ideal for sure.


pirate king Thu 29 Feb 2024 2:21PM

@Sumodh Krishna

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

-Lord Acton


Abhijith B
Wed 28 Feb 2024 8:11PM

BJP has looted the poor people of this country and fed the rich with our sweat and blood after dosing everyone with religion. They have to be stopped.