Wed 19 Apr 2017 2:03PM

Synapse for

S Shamil Public Seen by 446

We are going to run a matrix synapse server for For that, ports 8448 and 8008 needs to be opened.

@isaagar can you open them?


Pirate Praveen Wed 19 Apr 2017 2:18PM

@amardeepsingh can you allow these ports for


Shamil Thu 20 Apr 2017 1:18PM

Thank you @isaagar for opening them!

The matrix homeserver is now live! you can access it at Users can login using their IDs :)


Shamil Wed 26 Apr 2017 10:25AM

@amardeepsingh @isaagar Can you ports 3478, 3479, 5349, 5350 for the TURN server?


Dhanesh Sun 9 Sep 2018 5:04PM

I think we should start periodic maintenance of the synapse server and database. Disroot recently faced lot of issues due to huge surge in resource consumption by synapse and we should take a page from their book. Currently, the best way is to purge history older than 6 months. This operation can be performed every fortnight or every month-end.

Would like to know everyone's thoughts on this.


Pirate Bady Fri 28 Sep 2018 4:43PM

what happens to the chat history in federated servers if they're deleted from the homeserver? will it get removed from all servers or is it just the HS?


Dhanesh Sat 29 Sep 2018 5:43PM

Messages only get removed from the home server. If a user scrolls back to more than 6 months on the chat history, the messages are pulled from other federated servers.


Pirate Bady Sat 29 Sep 2018 6:44PM

okay, thanks for the clarification.