A blog post on Apple's new backdoor announcement

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Write a blog post on Apple's announcement on inserting backdoors in iMessage and iCloud.

Announcement by Apple


  1. Problems with this-- massive surveillance. A good post on serious problems with Apple's scheme is here .

    Problems with massive surveillance .

  2. Apple changing the definition of end-to-end encryption

  3. Nonfree software will lead to helpless users and no defence against these malicious features.

  4. This teaches us (although we had many occasions in the past) that Apple does not care about privacy.

  5. Urge to switch to free software and reject Apple devices in particular.

EFF says

Tweet by Snowden

Beware the Four Horsemen of the Information Apocalypse: terrorists, drug dealers, kidnappers, and child pornographers. Seems like you can scare any public into allowing the government to do anything with those four.

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