Fish Workers

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Exploring possibility of using technology for empowering fish workers.

  • Identify the current system:
  1. Market:-> Source of fish
  2. Customer:-> Types and tastes
  3. Raw Material:-> Fish specifications
  • Issues
  1. Personal
  2. Social
  • Impact:
  1. Personal
  2. Social
  • Threats for new system:
  1. Social
  2. Political
  3. Cultural
  4. Market and competitor
  5. Technology
  6. Personal
  7. Other
  • Environmental Impact Study:
  • personal relation and trust

Sooraj Kenoth Wed 19 Feb 2014 9:11AM

Sorry for bad indentation. Lomio removed tab space. I'll update it as image.


Sooraj Kenoth Sun 23 Feb 2014 7:14PM

As part of pilot study we visited a few people from fisherman community and interacted with them. The exploitation is very visible. According to my observation there is huge risk in entering this area. Nothing is transparent. In some samples the interest rate is unbelievable. A person who is getting 75 rupees from the lender in the morning has to return Rs.100 in the evening. The market place is also controlled by the same money lender. All the operations are through binamies. Quotation team are also have good hold in this sector. None of the transaction is documented. Nothing is billed. We can do some thing here, but at significant risk. I am ready to take it forward.