Weekly packaging sessions restarted

PP Pirate Praveen Public Seen by 266

Join us every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 IST, #debian-diaspora at


Tummala Dhanvi Mon 30 Nov 2015 3:21PM

I have joined already, trying to cope up with the sessions :)


Pirate Praveen Thu 3 Dec 2015 4:35AM

@dhanvi you can ask any doubts here.

First day's log has good introduction


Tummala Dhanvi Mon 28 Dec 2015 2:11PM

@praveenarimbrathod sure I will ask my queries here :)

I have got the logs first two sessions (

Did any sessions happen after these two sessions ? if so can you please give me the logs

Also can you point me to documents regarding the packaging ? As all we did till now was that use the existing gem packages and using gem2deb I wana learn other packaging too!


Tummala Dhanvi Mon 28 Dec 2015 2:14PM

Also I am free now and wana get my hands dirty on debian, are you guys available now ?

Also the details of the next session would be great :)


Pirate Praveen Mon 28 Dec 2015 5:18PM

@dhanvi come to #debian-diaspora on oftc now if you are available. @balasankarchelamat takes the weekend sessions, check with him for next session.