Mon 18 Apr 2016 12:37AM

Possible(shouting) Slogans

NK Naveen Kumar Public Seen by 289

Here's one:
"Digital Culture, Digital rights. Pirate party, Pirates fight."


Naveen Kumar Mon 18 Apr 2016 1:27AM

"Pirates for the digital rights, they will alter copyright."


[deactivated account] Mon 18 Apr 2016 9:26PM

@naveenkumar Haha the first ones better!.. I like it.. Nice job man!


Pirate Bady Wed 20 Apr 2016 7:28AM

"You made us Pirates, We give you Freedom".

"Vote for Pirates, Vote for Transparency" (or Transparent Governance if it doesn't sound bad).

"Say yes to Pirates, Say yes to Personal Privacy"