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A blog post promoting Fediverse in response to Elon Musk buying Twitter

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Recently, Twitter was sold to Elon Musk which highlights the problems with centralized services.

We can write a short blog post on this recomending Fediverse.


Title: Replace Twitter with Fediverse

Quoting EFF

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter highlights the risks to human rights and personal safety when any single person has complete control over policies affecting almost 400 million users.

The underlying problem is the service being under the control of one entity, a.k.a, centralization. Whether Elon Musk really buys it or backs out is besides the point. The main thing is users do not control the service and they do not have a say in decision-making.

Switch to Fediverse

Fediverse is not centralized. Anyone can self-host and run a server and so there are many independent service providers which federate with each other. Users having account on one service provider can interact with each other by following users using other Fediverse service providers and viewing, resharing, liking their posts etc. It is similar to email where a person using account can talk to a person using account.

You can start with to select a service provider for you.

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Many services on Fediverse are already seeing a huge amount of registrations after the news about Elon Musk buying Twitter broke out. saw a surge in registrations in past 1 day and the admin of reported the number of users getting doubled

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