Thu 10 Nov 2016 6:40AM

Some ideas to organize ourselves


[deactivated account] Tue 15 Nov 2016 8:18PM

what about it? ..


Pirate Praveen Fri 18 Nov 2016 1:22PM

  1. we need to tell stories. we need to continue on the video series we started. we need more diversity, more people talking about pirate ideas from different angles. we need to tell stories of pirates from other countries, stories of other participatory democratic movements like occupy wall street, podermos etc. we need to tell these stories in as many languages as possible. stories of how internet is revolutionizing communications and how this can be used to increase quality and participation in democracy. basically explain pirate ideas as stories. give people hope and encourage them to dream a better world. be more verbose, add more emotions etc.
  2. we need to have more local meetups and face to face discussions.

Just two things I could come up with.


Ryan LM Mon 12 Dec 2016 7:15PM

Should we create different "areas of expertise"? Some in our group may be more versed in one topic vs another. Here is a list of different ministries/departments for the Indian Federal Government:

Maybe we can create a thread for each one (or ones we find important)?


Akhilesh Jamdar Sun 25 Dec 2016 9:08AM

Absolutely, we need to focus on a lot more than copyright issues.


Pirate Praveen Sun 1 Jan 2017 6:04AM

I think we should create posters focusing on different points in our constitution and invite people to join us. We need artists among us to create a few posters/banners.

How about we invite a friend everyday? We can send them a personalized message focusing on issues they care about and show them we give voice to everyone.


Karthikeyan A K Sun 1 Jan 2017 6:57AM

The pirate party India hasn't fought for any real cause. We just to discuss. We speak about digital rights, but are we monitoring how people are being prosecuted for things they post on internet? Are we reaching our hands to them, fixing up a lawyer or some thing.

The communist say they work for workers, and in my state Tamilnadu, they do. They are respected by all parties. We have done nothing, and if we have done, there is no where to find it for people to be aware of it.

But if discussion gives us joy and we are happy with it, we must limit ourselves to it. It makes me happy, so I just discuss and am not really worried about real stuff.


Pirate Praveen Sun 1 Jan 2017 7:14AM

That is easy things to do, to find what we are missing. But it is harder to fix it. Its easy to demand others to do things you are not willing to do. What are you willing to do to fix the problem you have correctly identified?


Pirate Praveen Sun 1 Jan 2017 7:17AM

I have spent at least 2 full months campaigning about Pirate ideas when I contested elections. Every day I went out, met people and talked politics. What have you done? Are you willing to go out on the street and campaign even for a day? I'll happily come to Chennai and join you.


Karthikeyan A K Sun 1 Jan 2017 12:59PM

If I do like that, I will loose my job and will not be able to make ends meet. I am happy to talk and do nothing, that makes me feel I am doing a great thing.


Manohar Elavarthi Mon 2 Jan 2017 1:29AM

Creating posters focusing on different points in our constitution will help in reaching out to new people.
Reaching out to new people, who are already politically active, who are progressive should be a priority - members of Swaraj Abhiyan/ AAP/ Loksatta etc.
What about organizing series of public lectures in different cities about pirate parties/ ideas? I can help organize a close door meeting and a public lecture in Bengaluru.

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