Archiving FSCI group in loomio and migrating to a self hosted instance.

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We are going to move fsci group to selfhosted loomio instance. It's to avoid the limits on eg:- limited number of subgroups creation.

Currently it is planned to be migrated in 7 days. It is better to limit opening new threads and posts to a minimum here, for painless migration, during this period. Immediately after migration, the fsci group on was archived and discussions can resume at the new instance here (


Pirate Praveen Fri 6 Mar 2020 8:59AM

Thanks @Akhil @Bady @Manu Krishnan T V and @Kiran S Kunjumon for setting it up.


Akhil Sat 14 Mar 2020 2:18PM

Hey peeps, we have moved to our new loomio instance - officially.

Hopefully all of you get this alert from our new instance.

So jump in and start discussing.


Akshay Sun 15 Mar 2020 3:24AM

Aaluma Doluma Codema


Akhil Sun 15 Mar 2020 4:22AM

:) Codema - codecisionmaking. Not my idea of naming but it makes some sense :)
And please set your profile pic again. We did not have an option to export the assets from loomio.


shirish Sun 15 Mar 2020 9:26AM

looks good, there was a delay though when trying to get the sign-in mail.


Akhil Sun 15 Mar 2020 2:41PM

Hey Shirish, there'll be slight delay as we are routing through another self hosted smtp server. That cannot be currently avoided but that's something we can look into in the future. Please use a password login if that delay bothers you now.


shirish Sun 15 Mar 2020 5:45PM

do the passwords register on my browser or whatever service/s I use to save my password to sites. AFAI remember, loomio doesn't let you save passwords in your browser or whatever else you need. I had even shared a stackoverflow thread in response to it .

Looking forward to know how things are moving.


Akhil Sun 15 Mar 2020 6:07PM

Krishnaprasad from the Indian Pirates
group tested saved passwords in browser on both and since he too did not like the delay.

He found that it was working for both.


shirish Wed 18 Mar 2020 5:34PM

Akhil, see


Abhas Abhinav Thu 23 Apr 2020 9:07PM

This Loomio instance is loading fonts is easy to download the font and load it from within the web application directly and avoid a request to google fonts. (And hence, the resulting privacy leak.) is a simple shell script to do it easily.

(Not sure if this is the best place to post this... Is Loomio intended to be a task / bug tracker too?)

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