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Add to Manifesto: Ban Online Behavioral Advertising

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We should ban online behaviorial advertising which means surveillance companies like Google target users with advertisement based on their data. This article by EFF outlines the harms of such a practice

Let me mention those harms here:

  • Track: A person uses technology, and that technology quietly collects information about who they are and what they do. Most critically, trackers gather online behavioral information, like app interactions and browsing history. This information is shared with ad tech companies and data brokers.

  • Profile: Ad tech companies and data brokers that receive this information try to link it to what they already know about the user in question. These observers draw inferences about their target: what they like, what kind of person they are (including demographics like age and gender), and what they might be interested in buying, attending, or voting for.

  • Target: Ad tech companies use the profiles they’ve assembled, or obtained from data brokers, to target advertisements. Through websites, apps, TVs, and social media, advertisers use data to show tailored messages to particular people, types of people, or groups.

Although, I believe that data collection itself should be stopped to ensure privacy, but that type of bill seems more complex, and so I think banning data-based advertisement is a step in the right direction.

Furthermore the same EFF article gives specifics to draft such a bill to stop data based advertising which is a starting point.


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Add this to manifesto.

Ban Online data based advertisement. Please check for understanding the harms of this type of advertisements and a sample draft of such a bill.


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