Creation of high priority projects in FSCI for spreading the message of Software Freedom.

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We as a community should take a proactive approach in spreading the philosophy and knowledge of free software on a local level (independent of what other organizations decisions are).

For doing this I propose having high priority projects, which should cater to getting new members in the community as well as having events and community collaborations for existing/new projects which we deeply care about, which can bring local change (and hopefully someday global change).

I propose the following two as starting projects for high priority projects:

  1. Contact and conduct "Introduction of Free Software and Why it matters" webinars (in collaboration with local volunteers). This would cater to introduction. Collating material for it, including posters, write-ups, videos and reference guides. Above all providing a point of contact, for new members to ask doubts and philosophical questions.

  2. Support long term learning with our Free Software camp and dgplug's Summer Training. (if other community lead trainings are there, we can support, please add).

These two areas, I personally feel need to be worked upon, feel free to suggest more areas, we as a community should prioritize.


sahilister Fri 25 Jun 2021 7:54AM

Closing this as we already have section for high priority projects -