Fri 18 Mar 2016 5:52PM

An arrogant entitlement serves none

V Vidyut Public Seen by 326

Over and over this lasting impression remains. We are very full of ourselves. We think that just because we have the grand idea to be pirates, we are the best possibility for country, even if ignorant and worse, not interested in learning.

Over the last year, the only ideas I have noticed are either copying someone else's idea or overestimating our value. Be it with "tie ups" with causes or now "elections".

Fact on the ground is that we are not even able to generate enough original ideas to keep a discussion forum going. Our plans of grandeur are in the stratosphere. What would a cause benefit from is, if we haven't even been able to speak for ourselves properly to date? No idea. But seems like a grand gesture of nobility that we surely have.

Where is the respect for the democratic values, if we think nothing of using elections as a sandbox without till date having done the smallest thing that would educate any of us as politicians or party? Are we really so full of ourselves as to think we are offering anything at all to anyone at this point?

I speak harsh. I don't have pretty words, I have no interest in sounding likeable and pleasing people. What I see here is a commitment to ignorance and laziness. When the thinking for forming a party got difficult, we ditched the idea and decided to call ourselves a group that isn't even planning to be a party.

We could have supported a million causes without needing a single tie up. What did we do? Nothing. Our land, water, air is being screwed, but we need invitation letters in triplicate with nice ego boosting tie ups before we will raise our voice with conviction. Forget organized effort, did even four heads among us get together to fight something they believed was wrong? When it comes to doing, we are lazy. When it comes to ego boosts, we are so entitled, we don't even see that we have no competence for what we aspire to do. Any question of lack of competence is shrugged off as "so what? we will fail. big deal" but not a finger lifted in any urgency to do anything that could avoid failure.

Aadhaar bill got passed. What was Pirate Party's opinion on it? It doesn't get against Pirate Party values worse than this. Forget Pirate Party - it will impact the lives of every single one of us here with forced registration of our biometrics. It didn't light so much as a cigarette, let alone a fire under our butts to do anything at all about it. We could have done it and failed - like we are fine with for so many of our grand delusions, but we didn't bother.

Big talk, big self opinion, zero action. This is bullshit.


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What do you think? Is this right? Closed Sat 30 Apr 2016 5:37PM

This is a vote on whether you think what I say is right. Because, for once, let us be heard in self assessment as well, instead of merely grand ideas to vote on, with no basis in our known actions.


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Karthikeyan A K
Sat 19 Mar 2016 11:46AM

yup ur right


Henrique S. Bonzo
Fri 25 Mar 2016 12:57AM

Sure this is happening all around the world, Brazil has the same problem. Or too like the politicians or too like to be against any colaborative and free effort.


[deactivated account]
Fri 22 Apr 2016 10:04PM

Just went through the entire thread. I get what you are trying to say and I do agree.


Pirate Praveen Fri 18 Mar 2016 6:07PM

@vidyut you can go on an on about what is wrong. You also tried to build a group what happened to it? You had complete freedom to do it your way. If it was easy someone else would have done it already. Ideas themselves are not good enough. We need people who are willing work for those ideas. And many of the ideas we want are are not new.


Vidyut Fri 18 Mar 2016 6:13PM

@praveenarimbrathod desipirates did not work out. Little interest. Also didn't make sense splitting the few people we were onto multiple platforms. This does not mean I didn't do anything. In between caring for three dependents single handed, I manage to be heard publicly with opinions that are congruent with the Pirate Party. I did not get time to blog. I tweet. But I have done it well enough to build a powerful following that is convinced about things I say. This voice and following have been put to good use commenting on happenings in the country, politics, natural resources, human rights, fighting communal incitement. As you would know, if the idea of "reaching out to people" included engaging with them where they are, instead of creating small side rooms for social engagement and sticking to those only.

When a person is of the kind to not remain silent in the face of need for action, they don't remain silent.


Vidyut Fri 18 Mar 2016 6:16PM

Also @praveenarimbrathod it is about having a realistic self view. If Desipirates did not work out, also notice how I am not referring to it as a grand entity doing anything. When I spoke about what I did, notice how I spoke of things I put hard and long effort into. Today, when I say if you have a cause that needs attention, tell me and I will promote it, I'm not talking in the air, one tweet will be read by thousands. Many of them journalists who get influenced by the idea. That is when I offer it as a useful resource and that too, offering in the face of a need, not showcasing my voice as a big deal that worthy tie ups could apply to.


Vidyut Fri 18 Mar 2016 6:29PM

On a side note, I thought of neither desipirates nor this as individual initiatives. Discussion spaces are just that. Shared spaces. I took both to mean a shared space. If this worked, that was absolutely fine for me. I discontinued the other. That simple. I think it is useful to not get into personal ownership of a shared space. That way lies defensiveness and a member's criticism looks like an unworthy outsider criticizing your creation. That is not my intent. If I don't believe this to be a space I am co-creating, I don't bother to participate. I hold myself as well a part of the wrong direction we are taking.


Pirate Praveen Sat 19 Mar 2016 5:17AM

@vidyut fine. I understand it is coming from concern. But we have to find ways to go forward.


Vidyut Sat 19 Mar 2016 12:08PM

Let us do that then, @praveenarimbrathod. Let us do something that is congruent with our believes. Let us do something small for the country. However small. And learn things we need to know before we are useful to anyone. Let us do it as pirates. Let us participate, let us get out of our comfort zones and slog our butts off with as much time as we can spare.

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