Publish a statement about EU's Digital Markets Act draft

RD Ravi Dwivedi Public Seen by 35

Publish a statement on FSCI website on EU's new Digital Markets Act mainly to educate our audience.

Pros and cons are there in these articles:





Major points

Title: EU's Digital Market Act Is A Step In The Right Direction

  • The European Commission released its draft of the Digital Market Act publicly.

  • To address big tech's power and gatekeeping practices- like iPhone users are not allowed to download apps from outside the Apple's App Store, and WhatsApp does not allow contacting users with users registered on other services. This makes it hard for users to switch to another messaging service.

  • This gives these gatekeepers have a lot of control over the users (as users use these services due to network effect and not because they want to). They use this for surveillance, censorship.

  • Pros and cons of DMA here.

  • Overall, we think the pros outweigh cons.

  • Some actionable items for Indian users.

  • Indian users -- switch to interoperable services like xmpp and matrix.

I will expand these points later.

Last date to comment: 3-April-2022