FSCI Funding Campaign 2022

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Thread to handing FSCI funding campaign for 2022


Kannan V M Sat 1 Jan 2022 12:22PM

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Fsci funding website

Free Software Community of India is a collective of Free Software users, advocates and developers. We believe that everyone should be able to access free software and their liberating experience is an integral part of promotion of free software and its philosophy. Moreover, if someone decides to use free software, they shouldn't feel constrained by the lack of access.

To make sure public has free access to free software cloud services, we host 100% Free software services including, diaspora* pod with additional Matrix and XMPP services (, git repository hosting powered by GitLab Community Edition (, mailing lists (, collaborative wiki ( among other services that respects your freedom and privacy. Our volunteers maintain these services free of cost, but we have to depend on donations pay for the infrastructure.

We regret to inform you that some services are running on negative balance, means the funds to run them are taken from the volunteer's personal accounts. So in this year's funding campaign, we will be collecting fund for two year server/domain charges and to fill the negative balance from previous years.

Remember friends, nothing is free on internet. If you are receiving a service online, somebody from somewhere else will be paying for it or like an old saying, you might be the product. The first best option for protecting your rights online will be hosting your own services and maintaining them. But the second best and the more practical one will be using the services hosted by a community that you can be part of.

If you think you want to contribute to this initiative, you could choose to pay to one of services or choose fsci as a whole. All funds received for fsci will be split between individual services. Use the following account details to transfer your funds.

Name: Sruthi Chandran

Account No: 104501511006

IFSC Code: ICIC0001045

UPI ID: srud@icici

NB: Please do not forget to fill the form with name of the service you want to support and transaction details. This will be used to identify which service will receive your payment.