We need a platform to publish our official statements and other updates

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Currently is a plain HTML website and updating it everytime when we have to publish a new statement or any other update is not so easy. So it'll be better if we can switch to a blogging system. Hugo is a static site generator (SSG) written in Go and it already has a template that matches the current template of so that migration will be easy. Also, Karthik has volunteered to migrate our website to Hugo. While some people support SSG based solutions, some vote for innovative solutions like using which supports federation and hence can be followed from mastodon and so on. Please comment your suggestions.


Abhijith PA Mon 27 Apr 2020 5:38AM

Do we need to port entire to hugo ? I suggest to run a SSG just for blogs and point as


Pirate Praveen Mon 27 Apr 2020 6:15AM

If it helps reduce maintenance load and easy for new people to contribute (just add .md as opposed to editing html) that will be good. So if we do it for blog, why not for the whole site? If there is RSS feeds, we could try posting it to other services automatically.


Pirate Bady Mon 27 Apr 2020 6:19AM

what we call entrie here is just a single HTML file :)
as i already said, hugo already has a similar template and porting is just a matter of moving contents (i.e. no need to rewrite the whole template). Thanks to @Ranjithsiji, he found this theme and suggested that we could use it. The advantage is that we can add more static pages easily if needed.


Deleted User Mon 27 Apr 2020 6:10AM

Static site with hugo sounds great.


Pirate Praveen Mon 27 Apr 2020 6:16AM

I think for the sprilklr statement, we can add it as a page if ssg conversation will take some time.


Pirate Bady Mon 27 Apr 2020 6:24AM

of course, i just posted this in advance.


Ranjithsiji Tue 28 Apr 2020 10:47AM

SSG using Hugo can be doable fast. In my opinion we must consider this as an opportunity to convert our website to HUGO.


Pirate Praveen Wed 29 Apr 2020 9:17AM

As long as the migration makes things easier to maintain and if the current maintainers agree, lets do it.


Pirate Bady Wed 29 Apr 2020 3:06PM

Karthik already tried porting and the demo is available for preview at as a maintainer of the current website, i've no objections in pushing this to upstream. if participants in this thread agree i hope we can give it green flag without opening a poll.


Abraham Raji Thu 30 Apr 2020 9:17AM

I've started working on revamping our current website. Once complete we can turn it into a Hugo website. The landing page currently looks like this.

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