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Congrajulate Modi for economic policy?

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My opinion is that Modi is quiet bent on taking on black money. I feel that ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes is right. I feel that pirate party should write a congratulations letter to him.

We must also push him for land and property reforms, for example take a look at this article


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by Pirate Praveen Tue 25 Apr 2017 5:22AM

We have consensus here so another proposal in permanent members group is redundant. We can add this statement to the website.

Add a statement on our website:

We demand that along with the demonetization move, the Government should announce the following measures:

  1. A robust system to identify and confiscate the black money that is stashed in the form of benami properties, shares and gold.

  2. A ban on “tax havens” like Mauritius and P-Notes that are used to convert black money into white money.

  3. For stopping use of black money in politics, political parties should be brought under ambit of RTI; BJP and all political parties should be made to disclose all details of cash donations; and Congress and BJP should be penalized for accepting foreign donations.

  4. In the current session of Parliament, the conspiracy to make the anti-corruption laws ineffective should be stopped by consensus of all political parties.

  5. For independent inquiry into corruption in high offices, appointment to the posts of Lokpal, which has remained vacant for past two and half years, should be done immediately.

  6. All black money recovered from the demonetisation exercise should be utilized for social security expenditure for creating assured income for farmers and unorganized labour.

Originally proposed by Swaraj India


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Pirate Praveen
Fri 9 Dec 2016 6:00PM

These are powerful demands that goes into the depth of the issues of black money and corruption.


Karthikeyan A K
Sat 10 Dec 2016 4:10AM

sounds good


Akhilesh Jamdar
Sat 10 Dec 2016 6:15AM

I agree with all points except 4. Dissent is an essential part of democracy and must be protected, especially in the parliament.


Ryan LM
Thu 15 Dec 2016 5:49PM

This sounds incredible! To redistribute black money to the poor preferentially is awesome!

However, we must be careful that it doesn't become unregulated welfare (which the economy would not be able to sustain once the black money is distributed).


Neel Gupta
Fri 16 Dec 2016 7:16AM

The easiest step...
Recieve & Reveal the names & wealth of Scammers and Swindler businessmen of India having accounts in Swiss bank ! NOT being done by Modi !


Pirate Praveen Sun 4 Dec 2016 7:44AM

My opinion is exactly opposite. He is doing to bailout the banks and help his corporate friends. Even Modi stopped claiming demonitization is for stopping black money, the new mantra seems cashless economy. I suggest you go through the articles by @vidyut . She has written extensively on this topic at


Pirate Praveen Sun 4 Dec 2016 8:07AM

"So what is the situation now, with the new law? Now he stands to lose not even Rs 1 crore, but only Rs 50 lakh, or about 5 per cent of the black money he holds. In other words, if the black money holder compares himself to the honest taxpayer, he would probably congratulate himself for his foresight and planning. He has had to pay only about a sixth as much as the honest taxpayer, and he can sleep easy now, knowing that the government itself has officially laundered all of his remaining cash at a reasonable cost. What he holds in other assets was under little real threat anyway."

@karthikeyanak if you have other data supporting your argument, please share.


Pirate Praveen Sun 4 Dec 2016 8:10AM

Summary of the above article,

"Long after the final accounting of this exercise is taken, what will gall observers will probably be the total unconcern the government showed about the way the decision affected the lives of hundreds of millions of ordinary people. Decision after decision was taken with the intention of maximising the gain to the government, but without a thought as to how these affected the lives of the most disadvantaged such as the unbanked. The most striking example of this was the discontinuation of currency exchange for those without accounts, which was done in violation of specific promises by the RBI and even advertisements by the government. Even now, the unbanked find it difficult to open accounts and salvage whatever savings they have accumulated over a lifetime because the powers-that-be have not found it necessary to take their concerns on board. This may yet turn out to have been a politically astute move, but that won’t change its character as a morally flawed decision that sought to punish the many for the sins of the few – and for the sake of a political narrative that no longer holds water."

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